New in! 4 PPE items for construction and industrial use

Navy branded bump cap on plinth

Did you know? We’ve recently launched an eCommerce store to make procuring your PPE even more streamlined. In just a few clicks you can have everything you need to keep your clients and colleagues safe!

The store features everything from facemasks and visors to hard hats and work gloves. And, since we’re accredited by the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), you can rest assured all products are manufactured to EN and BS standards and 100% fit for purpose.

You can learn more about our BSIF accreditation and why it’s important here.

In this post, we’ve featured the latest additions you can now purchase from the store.

Safety glasses

A global best-seller, these are hands down the best safety glasses on the market. They feature an award-winning ultra-light design and virtually indestructible flexible arms. They’re also fitted with an anti-scratch coating for added durability.

Minimum order quantity is 12 units @ £1.65 per unit.  

Click to shop safety glasses.

Cut resistant work gloves

These cut-resistant work gloves are made using a 100% breathable seamless liner to keep hands comfortable while working. They feature cut level B resistance with second-to-none abrasion and tear resistance, so you’ll get plenty of use before you need to replace them.

Minimum order quantity is 12 pairs @ £2.35 per pair. 

Click to shop work gloves.

Hard hats

High-density, polypropylene shell hard hats offering electrical insulation up to 1,000 Vac and 1,500 Vdc. They come fitted with a 4-point suspension harness, adjustable buckle and a soft-sweat band.

Minimum order quantity is 1 unit @ £3.39 per unit.  

Click to shop hard hats.

Bump cap

Classic-design bump caps come fitted with ventilation ports for improved breathability and comfort for the user. They also have a long 7cm peak for maximum protection against shock and light. Hook and loop size are adjustable, allowing the user to find the perfect fit.

Minimum order quantity is 1 unit @ £5.99 per unit.  Click to shop bump caps.

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