4 reasons you should brand your ppe

Woman wearing branded ppe mask

The easing of nationwide lockdowns brings hope that we’ll return to a state of normality soon. However, PPE will likely remain a central part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. 

For businesses that now need to procure PPE to operate safely and within government guidelines, this raises an important question… 

Is branding your PPE worth the investment?

We’d argue that it’s more than worth the investment. And, in this post, we’ll be outlining four key reasons why.

Let’s get to it.     

Improves brand perception

The most successful companies understand one central principle; how people view your brand is critical to long-term success.

Imagine you encounter two delivery drivers. 

One is wearing an unbranded patterned mask, and the other is wearing an on-brand mask with a small company logo printed on the corner. 

The first driver gives the impression of untidiness, while the second conveys an air of professionalism. 

As such, your perception of the company the second delivery driver works for will be better, potentially influencing which delivery company you choose in the future.

For this reason, branding your PPE can go a long way toward improving the way others perceive your brand. And, this could be the difference between gaining or losing business.

Increases brand awareness

It’s commonly known in marketing circles that familiarity increases the likelihood of new business. 

If people are familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to choose your company when they need what you offer.

If you choose to add a company logo to your PPE, you’ll increase the amount of exposure your brand gets.

Now, one person seeing one logo once might not have a huge impact. 

However, if you multiply that exposure by the number of people in your team, you have a compound effect. This results in increased brand awareness, increased familiarity and ultimately increased sales and business. 

Differentiates your brand

For many businesses, particularly those in construction or logistics, employees often share workspaces with other organisations. 

Without any logo branded workwear, it’s unlikely that people will notice the difference between your employees and those outside your company.

Something as simple as a logo printed face mask or hi-vis vest ensures everybody knows your people are a part of your brand. 

Boosts employee satisfaction

Let’s face it; if your employees feel proud to be a part of your company, they’re likely to be more satisfied.

Of course, many factors influence how employees feel about work for you. However, in our experience supplying uniforms and PPE for big-name companies, employees’ feelings about their workwear are a big one. 

While branded PPE is only a small part of their overall uniform, a little touch like a stylish branded face mask can make a big difference in how your employees feel.

Let’s go back to the delivery driver example made in point one. Which employee do you think had more pride in their respective organisation? And, therefore, more overall satisfaction?

We’d argue it was the second driver, kitted out in a stylish on-brand uniform with matching branded PPE.

Are you interested in securing a bespoke collection of branded PPE? You can explore a snapshot of our full-range using this link. Alternatively, for a comprehensive overview or to discuss your options, use the contact form below to get in touch with one of our experts.

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