Introducing Create’s New Features!

Image of branded water bottle

In November last year, we launched our much-anticipated, innovative Create service. 

A first in our industry, Create allows you to select, customise, and order all of the branded merch you need in just a few clicks. No lengthy consultation process. No missed deadlines. With Create, you get high-quality merchandise styled to your specs with minimal fuss.

We’ve now added a host of helpful new features, so it’s even easier to quickly and effortlessly order your merchandise!

So, what’s new?

First, we’ve restyled our pricing tables to highlight how much you can expect to save when bulk ordering and choosing different print options. 

Check out the image below to see it in action:

Next, we’ve also added a new option for those who need a little guidance through the Create process. 

Though many of our customers love the simplicity of the service, we understand it’s a new way of handling merch procurement. 

So, if you don’t feel confident with newer technologies, you can now request support through the process from one of our friendly experts. They’ll have you through the process, ordering your merch in minutes!

See below:

We’ve also enabled uploading of JPG, SVG and PNG designs to give you plenty of options, depending on what file types you have available.

See below:

Alongside these key feature additions, we’ve added a host of other features to enhance your entire user experience:

  • Automatic centre alignment of designs for a picture-perfect 3D visualisation
  • Slick 3D rotation to view how your product will look from multiple angles 
  • New shipping calculator to help you find the best shipping option to suit you

If you’re tired of endless email exchanges, missed event or exhibition deadlines and products that don’t meet your expectations, Create is the perfect service for you. 

For now, we’ve selected the most popular, easy to turnaround products in our suite. But we’ll be adding plenty more in the coming months. So, make sure to check back often. 

To try this innovative, easy-to-use service for yourself, head to Streamline Create today.

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