Stretch your budget further with reusable PPE

If you’re one of many businesses who’ve had to adapt to COVID-based Government safety regulations, PPE is likely an expense you hadn’t considered. 

While business downtime and unplanned PPE costs might make sticking within your budgets more difficult, you can recuperate some of those costs by switching from disposable to reusable PPE.

Since manufacturers design reusable PPE to last, it costs more upfront than disposable alternatives. However, it could save you more in the long run as you won’t need to order replacements as often. It’s also an excellent option for eco-friendly brands looking to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Below, we highlight our two most popular reusable PPE items, suitable for nearly all industries.

Reusable face visor

Face visors are ideal for any service industry requiring face-to-face contact with customers. The reason for this is that we can transmit COVID through tiny droplets entering the eyes. Face shields protect against this happening.

Our clear plastic EN166 and CE marked visors are anti-fog and feature a deep foam, padded headband to keep the wearer comfortable during prolonged use. They’re also reusable, providing you sanitise them thoroughly after every use. Prices start from £0.99 per unit (ex-VAT) with a minimum order quantity of 1 visor. Click here to order.

Reusable face masks

Unlike the typical disposable masks we’re all used to seeing, our reusable cloth face masks are last for over 30 washes. Meaning you’ll get plenty of use from them compared to their disposable counterparts.

Cloth face masks come with elasticated ear loops, so they’ll stretch to fit most head sizes. The 100% cotton double layer material ensures they’re soft and comfortable for users wearing them for long periods.

Prices start from £1.07 (ex-VAT) with a minimum order quantity of 1 mask. Click here to order. If you’d like to explore our full range of competitively-priced, rapid-turnaround PPE, follow this link.

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