Must have merchandise for University shops

We work closely with several University stores and their Retail Managers and we’ve really learned what works in their sphere. We know that innovative products that drive interest and revenue are important to our clients so we’re always on the look out for the very best merchandise that ticks all the right boxes.

We know that it’s important to quickly react to trends in the marketplace and that having the right product at the right time on their shelves takes priority. We’ve seen a huge shift in the type of merchandise that retail managers are looking for, with eco-friendly and sustainable items now a huge focus.

With our experience in mind, we’ve handpicked five must-have merchandise products for University shops.

Tote bags

Tote bags are one of our most popular products throughout our client base. You can’t beat a product that is not only useful, but versatile and easy to brand. With the rise in disapproval of single use plastics, what better product than a reusable and sustainable organic cotton tote bag.  An eco-friendly tote bag is a positive representation of the University brand wherever they go.

T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel

A best seller in all University shops is the branded t-shirt or hoodie. Attending, or even just visiting a University comes with its own special brand of pride so why wouldn’t you want to advertise it? Students will wear University branded apparel wherever they go with aplomb.

Sustainable bamboo coffee cups

It’s becoming increasingly common to bring your own cup into your favourite coffee shop chains and ask them to fill it for you. Not only does it save on single-use cups but a lot of them will give you a discount when you do! The reusable coffee cup has become another way for you to express yourself in creative and fashionable ways- take a pantone matched bamboo travel mug to hold a student’s much needed caffeine fix.

Thermal bottles

Wellness is an increasingly important focus in lots of areas of life, and hydration is key to anyone’s wellness journey. A great choice for helping students keep hydrated is a durable, lightweight, aluminium drinks bottles. Branded in any Universities colours and with full colour printing capabilities the thermal bottle keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

Tech products

Staying relevant in a fast-paced world involves ensuring merchandise is current and innovative. There are even eco-friendly options that fit the bill. Choose a sleek bamboo power bank, for example- infinitely useful for every student in those inconvenient moments when devices lose power.

Eco-friendly merchandise options can help give Universities the seal of approval, helping show that your supply chain is both ethical and sustainable.

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