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Having plants in the office has been shown to improve air quality, increase attention span, improve creativity, lower stress, and stabilise mood.

With so many now working from home a desk plant can we be a great addition and clever way to engage with your staff and clients.

Modern and Minimalist.

This range of products comes in sustainable pots, complete and planted with a small succulent, ready to look good in any office or home.

Concrete pots with detailed laser engraved branding areas on one side, all are recyclable and of course reusable. Highlights in the range include:

A desktop garden – Snip freshly grown herbs over your lunch – grow them on a desk or nearby windowsill. The recycled brushed aluminum desktop garden pot comes complete with an innovative seed ball, cork stopper, growing instructions, and organic soil coin. Available with full colour label, laser engraving, or rotary screen to maximise impact. Available in silver brushed or matt black finish.

A grow pouch – Specially blended flower seed mix for growing in an urban space. Biodegradable kraft growing pouch, organic soil coins, and instructions. Branded with a full colour wrap, perfect for your customers to take pics of and start sharing the Buzz about your new product or launch.

Hey Pots – This sustainable pot comes complete and planted with a cactus, money plant, succulent, golden pathos or one of our hand-poured, vegan candles – ready to look good in any office or home. Brand the front of the pot with detailed laser engraving or full colour digital print – add a personal message on the back and bulk ship or send individually to home addresses.

These make the perfect Green ideas to maximise the impact of your next event or campaign. Modern and minimalist, all of the products are reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. All of the plants and seeds grow by transforming CO2 into bark, branches, and leaves helping the climate along the way, which must be a good thing right?

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