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Introducing ‘Tiger Cotton’

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Tiger Cotton® has been 5 years in the making and now it’s finally available to talk about. To protect the biodiversity, people and the planet Tiger Cotton® works to convert conventional cotton farming to organic. High-quality label-free basic wear made by 100% organic in conversion cotton and certified EU Ecolabel, SA8000, GOTS In Conversion, and Oeko-Tex.

It started out as a pilot project in collaboration with WWF India and has now grown into a full-scale product line converting farmers all over India.

The first Tiger Cotton® farmers lived and worked side by side with the great Bengal Tiger in Madhya Pradesh, India. Tiger Cotton® is named after them and the tiger is a symbol of all the biodiversity and wildlife that regenerate when a conventional farmer converts into organic.

In between the two reserves live tens of thousands of small cotton farmers. When the tiger wanders from one nature reserve to the other the cotton fields function as an important tiger corridor. Without the toxic impact of pesticides in cotton farming the tiger, the wildlife, and the farmer can thrive. By creating a healthy corridor where the tigers can walk between reserves, organic farmers are playing a key role in the conservation of this imposing species.

4.000 FARMERS CONVERTED In Madhya Pradesh, Tiger Cotton has now helped 4000 cotton farmers convert into certified organic.

Tiger Cotton enables them to work directly with farmers and help them improve their situation and increase biodiversity.  They are looking for new farmers to convert and expand this project into other areas with the hope of continuously working closely together with new groups of farmers to speed the sustainable transition up in India.

This available Tiger collection includes a Cotton Hoodie and Cotton T-shirt – contact us today to discuss how Tiger cotton can become a part of your company’s hybrid workwear.

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