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Whether you have teams working on a construction site in the rain or tasked with handling an emergency outside in the dead of night, waterproof outdoor wear is designed to handle whatever wet weather throws at it. The advantages of investing in decent outdoor garments can be tangible, especially when keeping your staff happy and engaged in the jobs they are required to do.

With new product launches weekly, we have seen a significant increase in the availability and variety of styles. Sourcing the most appropriate style for your company can be difficult however the majority of items be they coveralls or high visibility can all now be sourced and provide the extra layer of safety.  Inclusive styles are now also commonplace and a ladies fit softshell jacket or trouser is now readily available. Another advantage we have seen is that not only is the workwear waterproof but a lot also comes equipped with wind-resistant qualities. Owning the right waterproof jacket can help keep staff warm when the chilly winds start blowing, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

A recent launch has included a men’s workwear jacket in black, this water-repellent outer fabric has practical zipped and front storage pockets, warm quilted lining so windproof, and a fleece-lined neck for extra comfort. Providing the right safety measures and standards to ensure it is a comfortable and essential part of your team’s kit when working outside.

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