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New Trend: Plant By-Products

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Are you looking for a unique and sustainable gift? Have you considered a sustainable alternative made from plant bio-plastic? Crafted from waste products from sugar cane and corn plants these options have a great story to tell.

Natural Drinking Bottle – A reusable, slim water bottle made from sugar cane waste. The bottle has a bamboo cap. Both the sugar cane and bamboo plants are considered eco-friendly options as they extract CO2 from the air during their growth and don’t require a great deal of water to grow. This bottle is a perfect alternative to a plastic bottle. This product is also made in Europe, adding to its green credentials.

Sugarcane Drinking Cup – This reusable cup is also made from sugar can waste. After harvesting, the roots of the sugar cane plant remain in the ground, and the stems and leaves are processed into a residue that is used to make bio-plastic, which is then crafted into cups. A perfect addition to your branded merchandise collection, these would be great for office water coolers or coffee machines as they are also dishwasher safe.

Corn Backpack – A drawstring backpack made from PLA material made using corn starch waste. Amazingly, PLA is 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, and CO2 neutral making this a really great eco-friendly alternative to plastic or polyester bags.

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