Explore a World of Clothing Branding Options with Streamline: From Embroidery to Digital Printing and Beyond

At Streamline, we offer many branding options to make your branded merchandise stand out. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance or make a bolder statement, in this blog post we’ll explore the numerous branding techniques on offer that will ensure your brand gets noticed. Here’s a closer look at the range of options:


Embroidery is a timeless decoration method that adds a classic touch to your branded products. In recent years there have also been many modernised techniques including:

  • Metallic embroidery
  • Outline embroidery
  • 3D embroidery

Screen Printing 

Screen printing or silk screen is a printing method where the image is imposed on a mesh screen with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Inks are pressed through the mesh screen to produce clear, sharp images. This is a cost-effective choice for large, multi-coloured designs and also allows for creative techniques like a distressed look print onto garments.  

Transfer Printing

This is ideal for fabrics and allows for extreme detail like small text. It is also an economical solution for multi-colour printing or smaller quantities. Transfer print maintains the integrity of waterproof fabrics and is perfect for creating vibrant, detailed images.


This allows for premium full-colour photorealistic prints. Suitable for polyester fabrics (minimum 60% polyester) and polymer-coated products unlike other branding techniques. It is a soft, flexible imprint that can even be applied over seams and zips, making it versatile for a wide range of products.

Digital Printing/Direct to Garment Printing

Digital Printing, or Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing, provides detailed and colourful branding directly onto clothing. Using a DTG machine, full-colour images or designs can be printed with high visual impact, making your merchandise truly stand out.

Garment laser engraving (New to Streamline)! Our latest addition, garment laser engraving, offers a subtle tone-on-tone effect or a sophisticated look, especially on premium garments. This technique perfectly adds a unique, classy touch to your merchandise.

Customised labels

Streamline produces woven labels using a thin, fine thread, allowing intricate details in words and patterns. This is a beautiful addition to garments such as a neck label, hem label, or side label or for weaving into the seams of bags, edges of notebooks and other custom products that Streamline produces.

Swing tags and barcoding

Complete your product presentation with our custom swing tags made from recycled materials. These tags are perfect for retail products, including university garments, and can include printed barcodes, preparing your items for the retail environment. Our swing tags not only add a finishing touch but also emphasise your commitment to sustainability.

With Streamline’s diverse branding options, you can tailor your branded merchandise and clothing to reflect your brand’s identity and stand out from the competition. Explore these options to create high-quality, unique products that leave a lasting impression on your customers. However you would like to see your brand represented, we’ll have the solution for you.

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