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When it comes to corporate workwear, we know that practicality comes first, but it’s also a significant opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. After all, every person your team meet will see and remember your logo.

Specialists in corporate attire, for hospitality, head office staff or sales teams, we have the experience to deliver the right garments that work to meet your company’s needs.

We’re branding experts, and we understand the importance of giving your staff a sense of belonging. Pride in their uniform is a direct route to creating a happy and productive workforce. So, let us help you invest in your people and your brand.

Brand consistency

Whether it’s clothing for your team’s uniform or client gifting, corporate workwear is an essential consideration for every business and brand.

You want your staff members to stand out for all the right reasons. A neatly presented employee in retail or out in the field speaks volumes and is a moving advert for your brand.

Consistency is key, and at Streamline, we’re well versed in the importance of beautiful branding; we even embroider all our garments in-house.

Invest in your people

Happy staff are better employees, and great uniforms equal a content workforce. It’s not dramatic to say that you will lose employees due to poorly managed corporate clothing or badly designed uniforms.

Investing in custom professional workwear for your business not only accelerates the professionalism and overall perception of your brand. It can also boost job satisfaction and the morale of your staff wearing it. We are here to take you through the whole process, from concept to creation, design and manufacture, right through to delivery.

A warm and personal service

Our team are on hand to deliver a passionate and personal service. The name of our game is to keep you and your team well-equipped and, more importantly, delighted with every aspect of your bespoke corporate clothing.

Streamline is here to help you keep your people engaged. If your team feel comfortable, prepared for the day ahead and proud to wear your brand, it’s proven that productivity increases. We even exchange and replace garments so your people can try them on for size.

This is professional corporate workwear tailored for you.

A sense of belonging, a feeling of quality.

Businesses can often overlook the difference between workwear and quality workwear. Streamline are able to offer corporate workwear solutions across a variety of sectors, providing quality garments as an investment for your brand.

Low-quality workwear often makes employees feel demotivated as they feel uncomfortable and unhappy. Investing in the best quality clothing can actually prove more cost-effective in the long term. Garments produced with quality design, materials, and processes mean they will last far longer and prevent extra costs.

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