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Our mission isn’t just about supplying products; it’s about building connections. We’ll help you foster meaningful relationships with your audience and enhance your reputation with our strategic support.

We specialise in personalised merchandise, professional workwear, and uniforms to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of clients’ and employees’ minds.

With expertise in education, retail, and employee engagement, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Elevate your brand, improve your returns, connect effortlessly, and embrace sustainability with our help.

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Choose us for our eco-friendly commitment – for every product, we can offer a sustainable alternative.

We stand out as an eco-conscious partner for your brand, delivering merchandise and clothing solutions that not only elevate your brand but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

Our focus goes beyond the conventional, as we strive to create a balance between showcasing your brand identity and actively participating in initiatives that benefit the planet. We’ll help you explore sustainable product options and make positive changes for the environment.

We are committed to giving our clients assurance and prove this with our ESG goals, for every product ordered we will plant a tree with Ecologi. We are FCS accredited and work with Sedex to ensure a carbon reduction supply chain. We also hold an Ecovadis Silver Rating, which is ensuring our goal of reaching Net Zero by 2040.


Reordering, stockholding and logistics

Our four warehouses across the UK and Europe support a distribution network that delivers worldwide. Bulk order from a dedicated account manager ahead of time and we’ll stock all items safely, free of charge – ready to go when you are.

We will create a personalised reordering portal for your team to manage every aspect of reordering, from product tracking to reporting and budget control. By eliminating human error, you will unlock huge efficiencies, savings and reduce turnaround times.

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What is branded merchandise?

Branded Merchandise is the term used to describe products featuring their brand logo and colours. Branded Merchandise is often used for promotional purposes, marketing campaigns or as gifts to customers, employees or partners.

Common Branded Products include:

  • Stationery: Notebooks, Pens, Notepads, Folders, Sticky Notes
  • Tech Gadgets: Wireless Headphones, Powerbanks, USB Sticks, Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Drinkware: Water Bottles, Coffee Cups, Mugs
  • Event Merchandise: Tote Bags, Lanyards, Branded Food Products, Reusable Bags, Pens.
  • Corporate Gifts: Luxury Items, Gift Boxes.
  • Clothing & Apparel: T-shirts, hats, jackets, socks, scarves.

Why is merchandise important for your brand?

Merchandise is important to brands for a number of reasons, including building brand awareness, promoting new products and services, generating leads, fostering brand loyalty and increasing brand recognition among your target audience.

Having a selection of branded merchandise to gift to your top clients, to help boost team morale and loyalty or hand out at trade shows and events, is a great way to keep your name and logo top of mind. This is especially effective if the merchandise is well designed and something that people use regularly, such as a water bottle or t-shirt.

What is the most popular branded merchandise?

Looking for something timeless and classic? Something your customers, employees or partners will reach for day after day? These are some of the most popular branded merchandise products.

Branded Water Bottles: Perfect to include in corporate gift boxes, welcome packs and water bottles are products people will reach for day after day.

Branded Bags: You can never have enough bags and branded bags are a great way to promote your business. Whether you gift them to employee’s to make their journey to and from work easier or add them to a corporate gift box, even giving them away at events. Having your logo on a bags gets your brand name on show.

Branded Pens: A simple and easy way to promote your brand is with your very own branded pens. How many times have you been to a networking event or in a hotel and come away with a collection of pens. It will sit on someone’s desk and be used daily, so your brand will be front of mind whenever they write their next note.

How effective are promotional products?

​​Promotional Products are highly effective as they can generate brand awareness, and build a sense of loyalty and engagement with your target audience. Promotional products can also provide long-term brand exposure at a relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising. The effectiveness lies in finding the perfect balance of – the type of product to convey the right message – the quality and sustainability of the product and how it reflects on your brand – and the usefulness of the product to ensure it is valued.

What are branded promotional products?

Branded promotional products are tangible items with your brand logo and marketing message, used for promotional purposes or giveaways. Typical branded promotional products include branded drinkware, stationery, bags and totes, keychains and lanyards, power banks and apparel.

Often used at trade shows, conferences and events, promo products are a great way to increase brand visibility and reach your target audience.

What do employees want as an appreciation gift?

A great employee appreciation gift should reflect gratitude and genuine appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Make your employees feel valued and motivated with customised gifts such as monogrammed notebooks, engraved pens or custom mugs. Your employees’ wellness and self-care should be front of mind when buying a gift so wellness gift boxes or wellness subscriptions to promote healthy work-life balances. Tech Gadgets such as noise cancelling headphones, or branded flash drives to make their working life easier.

Do employees appreciate gifts?

Employees appreciate well-chosen gifts, especially when they aligned with that person’s values, needs and interests. Celebrating your employees with luxury merchandise is a great way to cultivate engaging experiences for your team. Gifts are a great way to celebrate a milestone or congratulate an achievement or simply to make everyday life easier. When your team feel more valued in the workplace they become more passionate, work harder and become loyal employees.

Why do companies give gift boxes?

There are many reasons why a company would send out gift boxes including, celebrating company milestones, customer appreciation to show gratitude to customers for their loyalty and support. Other reasons to send out gift boxes are a company rebrand, a new product launch, corporate gifting, incentives and rewards.

Gift boxes are a fun versatile way to connect with your audience and team members.

Why are personalised gifts so popular?

There are several reasons why personalised gifts are so popular they offer a unique and meaningful way to celebrate special occasions and memorable experiences. Personalised gifts are a great way to show appreciation, leave a lasting impression of your brand on each recipient.

What are the best promotional products and why?

Some of the most popular promotional gifts are ones that not only promote your brand and align with your target audience’s preferences but are products they will reach for daily. Gifting high-quality products that are practical will likely be well received and leave a lasting impression.

Custom Apparel T-shirts, hats, and hoodies with your company logo turn your staff and customers into walking advertisements for your brand.

Tech Gadgets USB Drives, Wireless chargers or phone stands are products which are great to give away at trade shows, events and conferences and are practical products that can be used everyday.

Tote Bags – Possibly one of the most popular promotional items is a branded tote bag. Perfect to give away at events, and conferences filled with branded goodies to promote your brand.

Why choose sustainable branded merchandise?

Choosing sustainable branded merchandise offers several benefits to both your brand and the environment. By choosing eco-friendly materials you are contributing to reducing pollution and lowering carbon emissions. Choosing sustainable products is not only good for the planet it also promotes a positive brand image showing your brand as a responsible and conscientious participant in a sustainable future.

Are corporate gift boxes a good idea?

Yes! Gifting your clients or potential customers with a corporate gift box can be a great way to show your appreciation for years of partnership or as an introduction to your brand. Corporate Gift boxes are a thoughtful and personalised way to strengthen business relationships and promote your brand.

Fill your gift box with practical and useful products your recipients will reach for daily.

Where do you ship to?

Our warehouses are located in Edinburgh, Exeter and London meaning we can deliver the highest level of service and prompt delivery throughout the UK and Europe. We are committed to fast and reliable delivery and have a sister company based in New York so please reach out to our sales representatives to find out more.

Is there a minimum order price?

Due to the machinery that we use, the scale of our operations and technology, we focus on clients that spend over £30,000 per annum on branded clothing and/or merchandise and have multi-delivery points. This enables us to deliver the most cost-effective pricing for our clients and ensures that our clients fit our ‘Key Account Managed’ service model.