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As a specialist supplier of safety footwear, we understand the importance of both comfort and performance. From heavy-duty boots to safety shoes, our protective footwear range will meet all your requirements and deliver comfort and safety for your staff.

As part of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Safety Footwear is an essential part of your kit.

Whether it’s composite or steel toe caps, we guarantee that Streamline will find the proper safety footwear for your work environment.


Safety boots with the right toe protection are an essential part of PPE. All of our safety footwear products conform to Regulation standards, which means they are ideal for your working environment—safeguarding the wearer from impact and preventing harm. A selection of our range also provides additional protection providing resistance to water, oil or piercing.


At Streamline, you will find a comprehensive collection of Safety Shoes that are stylish and comfortable while delivering the everyday, practical safety protection your profession requires. Our Safety Shoes are fit for purpose and ideal for many working environments. Many options offer inclusive ranges with the ideal ladies’ alternatives for many of these key products.


We know how important foot health is and how bad footwear can negatively impact your workforce. With your team working in some of the harshest and most dangerous environments, it’s crucial to invest in the correct footwear for each job role. Footwear that is fit for purpose will provide unbeatable protection and day-long comfort for your entire team.

We source boots with maximum durability as well as comfort and safety. Our suppliers carry out rigorous quality testing to guarantee consistency of production, and some even offer a 200-day product warranty.

Footwear that leaves no carbon footprint

Sustainability is a key focus for our clients, and it’s a key focus for Streamline. We have a range of eco-friendly footwear, including completely carbon neutral styles offering maximum protection for wearers and minimal impact on the planet.

The eco-friendly safety footwear we source is great for the planet and our wearers. Today’s consumers expect the products they buy to have a minimal carbon footprint. And we’ve responded by sourcing our most sustainable boot range yet.

Specialist footwear

As well as holding stock of many standard safety footwear styles our range also encompasses specialist safety technologies to protect people faced with the hazards that require that extra level of protection. These technologies include ESD, XRD Metatarsal protection, IGS slip resistance and ARC Protection.

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