Event Merchandise

A one-of-a-kind branded memento that’s theirs to keep.

Branded merchandise for both public and virtual events

When it comes to attending or planning large scale events in 2022, your choice of venue is no doubt top of this list. Should you opt for an online format capable of cutting costs and expanding your reach? Or embrace the atmosphere and buzz that only in-person events can create? Whatever you choose, branded merchandise and giveaways have an essential part to play.

At Streamline, we support clients just like you, embracing a new era of trade shows, exhibitions, conventions, sporting events, fashion shows, festivals and more. So, whether your audience is together under the same roof, or dialling in from thousands of miles away, explore the opportunities of event merchandise and see what it means to put your brand in their hands.

Memorable products to capture the spirit of your event

At Streamline, our top priority is to ensure all our clients find event merchandise with real lifetime value. Therefore, focusing on beautiful, high quality products capable of maximising your return-on-investment usability is crucial. And not only at your event, but also in the weeks and months to come.

Aligning your selection to the event in question and its target audience, we will help find the perfect item for promoting your brand and marking the occasion. From Insulated Drink-ware for festival-goers, to Tote Bags for students, and Premium Branded Ballpoints for professionals. When it comes to combinations, the possibilities are endless.

From event classics to niche ideas. We have you covered.

With so many of your competitors in one place, events such as trade shows and industry expos are your opportunity to stand out. However, with only seconds to sell you and your brand, getting your message across effectively is a real art.

Acting as a reflection of your brand and its experience, custom event merchandise can be a valuable and tangible representation of your personality, ethics, and vision. Elevating your brand and starting a conversation, speak to our team about our diverse range of fully customisable items, and find something that gets right to the heart of your brand’s purpose.

Fostering long lasting brand advocacy

Events such as fashion shows and music festivals are famous for their ability to attract loyal fans year after year. However, for many attendees, it may well be their very first experience or interaction with your brand. And trust us, their first impressions and perceptions will last.

On the long road to brand advocacy, limited edition branded goodies and event giveaways are awesome ways to get relationships off the right path. That’s why we are constantly adding new and innovative products to our collections. Each of which is capable of conveying love and appreciation to your followers old and new.

Never forget, when it comes to growing your brand community, advocates remember the little things most.

Increase your brand awareness. Reduce your environmental impact.

Thanks to continuous advancements in sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, delivery methods, and much more, hosting sustainable events is no longer a binary problem.

Bringing new ideas and solutions to the table every day, our range of eco merchandise is standing by, ready to promote your brand and the planet. And we would love to share it with you.

So, as you look forward to all the exciting events in 2022, set the environmental standard for all to follow. Get in touch with our team about your next event appearance today, and let’s work towards net zero together.

For the best results, always plan ahead.

With decades of experience in the industry, we are proud to have cultivated many reliable and trusted partners crucial to our operations here at Streamline. Helping us serve our clients, these special relationships have enabled continuous improvement to our supply chain. Savings that we have passed on to all our clients.

However, as large-scale events make a full-time return in 2022, it’s never a bad idea to start planning early. So, with no time to lose, why not contact our team today and get all event merch in order, preparing you for whatever 2022 throws your way. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Branded printed lanyards

More than just an office staple, branded lanyards are ideal for onboarding packs, events packs, exhibitions and as part of your brand’s uniform. We have a range of styles - including eco-friendly alternatives - as well as a variety of customisation options.


Branded wristbands make a perfect promotional product for increasing brand awareness on the go or as an entry pass to events and exhibitions. We offer both fabric and silicon options as well as detailed embroidery and embossing.

Event packs

When you’ve got delegates or recruits arriving for an event, ensure you have your collateral produced and fulfilled, ready to issue.

Branded event tickets

Bespoke designed thermal tickets for football matches and music gigs where security and souvenir value are a priority.

Bamboo lanyards

Plant based eco-bottles

Branded food

Recycled tote bags

Reusable cups made from old coffee cups

Dissolvable bags

Socks made from recycled coffee grounds

Eco friendly wheat based cables

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