The Clothing Rebrand Specialists

Tailor-made to reflect your new brand

The Clothing Rebrand Specialists

Tailor-made to reflect your new brand

The Clothing Rebrand Specialists

Tailor-made to reflect your new brand

Streamline your workwear rebrand

Everything you need to rebrand your workwear in one place

The decision to rebrand provides a prime opportunity to breathe new life into your brand’s corporate clothing. Not only because your brand is evolving but because of the added value and impact we can provide for your new brand.

At Streamline, we specialise in rebrand consultation workshops, sampling services, mobilisation, and fulfilment to multiple locations. Let us help you curate a workwear uniform that works for your whole team, keeping them safe and comfortable no matter their role.

We know that workwear is one of the most essential elements in a rebrand. Your team is your brand’s first and biggest ambassador. Their happiness helps influence how others see your brand, so putting them first is key. Your workwear affects your employee’s experience at work, and wearing a uniform with pride makes a huge difference in how they work and ultimately represents your new brand.

Helping you make the right choices for your rebrand

From off-the-shelf to Pantone-matched bespoke options, we can help you find what fits best for your rebrand. There are many different factors to consider, including convenience, time scales and cost. We’re here to help you explore all the options. Buying off-the-shelf workwear is easier and faster and, in some cases, cheaper. But sometimes, it is harder to find the right fit for your new brand.

We’re specialists in bespoke workwear and can help you find the perfect garment to meet your team’s needs. From consultation to samples and testing, we’re here to support you with each step throughout your rebrand.

Getting it right the first time

We work with you to understand your brand’s needs, bringing our expertise to the table and making the most of your own considerable experience within your sector. The Streamline tailor-made consultation workshops and our attention to detail make the process a seam-free one. We can help effectively reposition your brand as a leader in the marketplace.

Working together, we can carefully craft the perfect solution just for you. From developing designs to sampling and testing the effectiveness of your chosen garments through a series of rigorous consumer-facing and practical testing applications we’re here every step of the way. We work closely with you and your team to Pantone match and present colour options, providing samples and ensuring your new logo looks pristine on every garment. We even provide kits for you to trial, check that they’re fit for purpose and tick all of the comfort boxes too. We use our branding expertise to recommend the best branding process for each of your garments, and that suit your logo and artwork too.

Flawless embroidery and heat seal branding in-house

With a new brand identity and guidelines to follow, the next step is to decide on the best way to apply your rebrand to each unique item.

Our branding experts achieve a stunning, high-quality finish on every piece of workwear through a combination of the latest heat seal and embroidery techniques. As we do all of our embroidery and heat seal personalisation in-house it gives us the flexibility to ensure we always meet our client’s deadlines which is a must-have when it comes to a project like rebranding. We’re able to drop everything and focus on your rebrand if need be.

Our team monitors production every step of the way, and because we do our embroidery and heat seal branding in-house, we can ensure the finest details are always taken care of.

Dedicated clothing experts to make the whole process stress free

We all know the horrible feeling of being bounced around departments while on the phone with a supplier. When what you really need is an expert to rely on who knows your brand and stakeholders as well as you do.

With a team of brand experts in-house, your experience with Streamline will be seamless. We’ve worked with huge brands to completely overhaul their branded clothing.

Our brand team will be available whenever you need us and will coordinate your rebrand at every stage, keeping you informed and ensuring garments are produced to the highest standard in time for your big reveal. Read more about how we can help your brand achieve it’s goals here.

Fulfilment and mobilisation

In the run up to launch day the biggest challenge is often making sure that everything you need to launch is in the right place at the right time. With onsite storage and warehousing you can trust that Streamline’s team and carefully selected delivery partners will make sure every element of your rebrand is delivered in perfect time.

The logistics of your rebrand can be a real challenge, especially when you have employees and clients around the world. Forward planning and bulk ordering are, therefore, crucial to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

However, there is no need to let your offices become cluttered with stock. We have warehouses in the UK and Europe that can do it for you, included in the service.

Better yet, thanks to our well-orchestrated logistics network and industry partners, when you are ready to go, we can even help you deliver your rebranded clothing straight to their door, wherever they are.

Eco-friendly alternatives

Our team is constantly looking for innovative, eco-friendly clothing options, and we take great pride in helping clients reduce their environmental impact. There’s a growing interest in eco-friendly, sustainable corporate clothing and workwear, and there are more products hitting the market every day. We work closely with our clients to find alternatives to fit their needs while ticking the green boxes too.

We also understand the importance of disposing of old garments safely and appropriately. Nobody wants to see a skip load of their old branded clothing visible in public. Our end-of-life garments service will also find the best way to dispose of your old clothing and workwear while protecting your brand. Learn more about it here.

Long-term support and effortless reordering

With so much hard work put into the curation of your rebranded clothing, when the time comes for reordering, the process should be a breeze. Yet, for many businesses out there, it can actually be a bit of a pain. With the long-term support of our expert team, on-site warehousing and trust delivery partners we’ll ensure that long after launch day you and your team always have what they need, when they need it.

Streamline have a custom-built ordering portal developed to alleviate the stresses and administrative time that can be taken up by reordering. We’ll help make the process as smooth as possible. Whether you’re topping up supplies regularly or need to restock quickly for an unplanned event, order what you need when you need it through an ordering portal tailored to your requirements.

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