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Streamline your clothing supply

What makes our clothing solution different?

We deliver quality branded clothing experiences

Here at Streamline, we collaborate with our clients to deliver clothing services that create an experience showcasing their entire brand.

Through branded clothing, workwear, and PPE we don’t just personalise garments with your company logo. Instead, we create high-quality, comfortable, and durable uniforms that engage your people and take your brand to the next level.

Our experts have decades of experience supplying clothing for industries including engineering, facilities management, maintenance, and on-site service personnel.

In-house branding- embroidery and heat seal

The branding capabilities key to our clothing services are based in our Exeter hub. Our experts utilise the latest technology to ensure the quality and consistency of finished garments.

Our well-established team can deliver embroidery and heat seal to ensure perfect branding and a reliable service every time.

Learn more about embroidery and the 8 factors we use to guarantee a flawless embroidered finish. 

Stockholding, Logistics and Quality control

Our warehousing capability extends to more than 2000 pallet spaces across two UK sites and one European site. You can relax knowing your garments are in safe and efficient storage, saving you space and time.

It also means you can take advantage of economies of scale by ordering in bulk. This ensures that items held in stock are available for next-day delivery in small or large quantities. Plus, once despatched, you can track your order via our online portal.

Online ordering portal

Streamline’s web portal is tailorable to your company requirements, including separate tabs for the group divisions and varying user rights. Our reporting system provides all the necessary data to inform your budget and buying decisions, with all info retrievable online anytime. It’s simple to use and part of our clothing service offering.

Advantages of Our Online Ordering Portal:

  • Reduce internal administration time.
  • Allows orders by individuals and delivered per person – collectively.
  • Ensures relevant are garments assigned to correct departments.
  • Prevents maverick spending and controls budgets throughout.
  • Additional size guides featured on portals
  • Improves accuracy when ordering and prevents need for returns and exchanges.

End of Life Garments

Streamline views brand protection with the utmost importance and manages end-of-life garments to ensure the most appropriate form of disposal. Where possible, we recycle garments or turn them into energy to minimise environmental impact.

  • All used and unwanted branded garments can be returned for secure recycling.
  • Fit-for-purpose storage containers can be supplied to collect old uniforms as required.
  • In-depth analysis of garments to establish the most cost-effective way of recycling.
  • Accurate tonnage reports for reuse, recycling, and combustion.

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