For every piece of merchandise we have an eco alternative. Make the switch today and make a positive impact on society and the environment.

Working towards zero-carbon

Switching to eco-friendly merchandise can help your business more easily hit it’s sustainability targets. And, best of all, it’s one of the simplest changes you can make. For every non-sustainable item in your merchandise collection, there’s an eco-friendly alternative.

While we’re not fully carbon neutral just yet, we’re working towards achieving this by 2050. We actively seek out suppliers with a likeminded vision for the future, so you can be sure the products we source are part of a supply chain that’s fully committed to minimising carbon emissions.

We use Fairtrade cotton

The environmental and social footprint of Fairtrade cotton is 5X lower than conventional cotton farming. Fairtrade Standards lead to significant environmental benefits, including reduced use of pesticides, better chemical disposal and the implementation of sustainable farming methods.

Choosing Fairtrade cotton for your branded merch and clothing means you’re supporting the environment, farmers and workers.

Cleaning up our oceans

8 million metric tons of plastic is found in seas and oceans every year, which impacts all marine species and us! If you’re looking to do your part in offsetting and reducing this, then making the switch to eco-friendly merchandise can be a huge step forward. Not only do we have a selection of sustainable merchandise products produced made from recycled plastics, but we also source from manufacturers who proudly support initiatives which actively stop plastic from making its way into the sea.

Bamboo, the fastest growing plant on earth

Since it can grow to full size in as little as 3 months, bamboo is a super sustainable alternative to plastic. In fact, in the right conditions, it can grow as tall as 3 feet in 24 hours. A naturally resilient plant, no nasty pesticides or chemicals are required when harvesting, so cultivation is 100% natural without harming the surrounding environment. And, there’s a bamboo alternative for just about every typical merchandise item, giving you plenty of eco-friendly merchandise options.

Proud member of Sedex

Sedex are a not-for-profit world-leading ethical trade service provider. By partnering with them, we’re able to ensure we’re living up to our own ethical values and that the brands we work with don’t breach theirs.

Our membership with Sedex gives you confidence that all of your branded merchandise, clothing, and print products have only been sourced from ethical and responsible suppliers – a win-win for everyone.

Everything you need to make the switch

There’s an eco-friendly alternative to every product you could ever need in your branded merchandise suite. Scroll below for a snapshot of what’s available.

Eco Polo Shirt

Made using 100% recycled polyester

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Eco Notebook

Made with recycled coffee, olives, and other waste

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Eco Wrist Band

Made with 100% biodegradable, plantable seed paper

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Eco Water Bottle

Made using Prevented Ocean Plastic

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Eco Safety Boots

Non-leather and vegan-friendly

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Eco Jacket

Made with 100% recycled polyester

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