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Launch your rebrand on time and without a hitch

Streamline your rebrand

Everything you need in one place for maximum wow factor, consistency and quality.

You want your rebrand launch to be wow. You have a new look and feel and a new brand to promote to your internal and external audiences. With so many different applications of the brand to consider, it can feel rather daunting. Streamline are here to make the curation, production and distribution of your new branded merchandise clothing and print an exciting, pain-free journey.

We work with global brands, delivering their collections across 30+ countries and helping them create effective brand awareness amongst their team members and clients.


Launch your stress-free rebrand on time and without a hitch.

Rebranding is not only a huge statement of intent to your competitors but also an investment with many moving parts. So with your launch date in the diary, draw on the knowledge, experience, and resources of our team to guide you through to the big reveal.

Famous for our ability to plan with care and deliver when we promise, Streamline is here to make this an exciting, pain-free collaboration. With no time on hold, no stress, and no missed deadlines, relax while we curate, produce and distribute your new collection. We’ll keep you up-to-date every step of the way.

Quality and consistency every time.

Imagine seeing your brand again for the first time. What key markers do you use as judgement?

For a potential customer, it speaks to your professionalism, standards, trustworthiness and how you value clients. For future employees, it tells them whether they will be respected, listened to and cared for.

That’s why we are so proud to offer a curation, printing and manufacturing process that ensures your brand merchandise and clothing will reflect you brand in the best possible light. A collection you will be proud of.



The home of innovative ideas

Success relies on finding products and garments that embody your brand personality and create real stand-out. That’s why our team’s first priority is always centred around getting to know you and your brand values.

We will then create a bespoke presentation of fresh, innovative ideas to share with you. With thousands of options in our range and our fingers on the pulse in the marketplace for the latest products, we’ll be sure to deliver an inspiring collection.


Reduce your environmental impact. We’ll help you make the switch to eco products.

Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to take stock and evaluate every part of your merchandise and clothing collections. It’s the perfect time to consider your impact on the planet before bringing about positive changes for the future.

At Streamline, we help our clients to use this pivotal point to make the switch to eco and work towards net zero targets. We can provide sustainable equivalents for every non-sustainable product in your existing range – and deliver an end-of-life garment service that ensures the most planet friendly form of recycling or disposal.

Take one of our recent clients, who decided to recycle 13.5 tonnes of old uniforms instead of sending to landfill. This generatated enough energy to power 128 family homes for a day!



Game-changing stockholding and distribution logistics

With offices around the world, our client rebrand launches are often a global affair. Our well-orchestrated logistics network ensures that you can get your new brand into the hands, hearts, and minds of those who matter in time for the big launch day.

Our warehouses across the UK and Europe support a distribution network that delivers worldwide. You give us your address database and we can deliver straight to their doors, wherever they are.

Why not bulk order ahead of time and we will stock all items safely, free of charge – ready to go when you are.


Reordering has never been so simple

Every client at Streamline enjoys the benefit of a personalised reordering portal. Offering a straightforward user experience that works for your team members, your new branded merchandise and clothing is never more than a few clicks away.

An all-inclusive digital home for your rebranding project, manage every aspect of reordering, from product tracking to reporting and budget control. Eliminating human error, unlocking huge efficiency savings and reducing turnaround times. Our clients love it, and we think you will too.

5 things to consider ahead of your rebrand

  • Staff Communication - Advising them of all changes, dates, and how it affects them
  • Merchandise - Audit old stock levels, research and plan to introduce new branded items, and swap to eco alternatives
  • Clothing - Do a clothing audit with your team, plan how many of each garment you require and plan how you will dispose of old branded uniforms and workwear
  • Offices - Consider how will rebranding impact signage, culture, and facilities?
  • Clients - Plan a communication strategy and consider when you will advise them of the change

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