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This lightweight, padded gilet (also known as a body warmer) is a popular choice for our client’s workwear collections. We have seen a significant increase in bespoke gilet orders for some exciting brands in recent months.

Not just for those keen on outdoor pursuits, gilets are a great option for branded workwear.  An adaptable add-on for outdoor wear or smart event attire. It also provides great versatility when seasons begin to change which in the UK, which I’m sure we can all agree can bring some unpredictable weather.

What’s the difference between a gilet and a bodywarmer?

Although they are similar in shape and style, a body warmer is primarily an outer garment, padded and therefore more insulating. A traditional gilet is usually more lightweight in design and can comfortably be worn beneath a jacket or coat as a middle layer.

Should you size up for gilets?

A gilet is an added layer to keep you warm so, you don’t want it to be too loose that a draft gets through. On the other hand, you don’t want it too tight because it will add bulk. One way around this is to go for a lightweight option, like down, so you still get the warmth without adding heft.

Are gilets a useful addition to your team’s workwear?

While you may think a gilet or bodywarmer is a bit unnecessary as it looks like a jacket with its sleeves missing, a gilet is highly useful. Gilets can act as an outer or mid-layer but it won’t just keep your torso nice and warm while your arms get caught out in the cold.

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