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As a Marketing Manager, I often was asked to produce branded merchandise for the business that could be dual purpose suitable for client and employees.

Now more than ever, with everyone working remotely, the way you onboard new staff, support your team…and continue to showcase and feature your brand. All need to be considered and its importance recognised.

Recently we (Streamline Corporate), have had lots of conversations regarding branded drinkware and what is currently possible can now be both functional, stylish, and eco-friendly.

If you’d like to see how great your brand colours and logo would look on a stylish branded mug or bottle, follow the link to try out the new 3D customisation software on our eCommerce store.

Our new Create service makes ordering your branded merchandise easier than ever before, available at the click of a button you can create your branded items on screen and watch them from all angles using our 3D customisation app. This allows you to save time and order what you need, in just a few clicks. Having any difficulty, we have included a help button and we can step in and assist.

It’s worth a look, promise…

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