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From Nature, for nature the Erba Collection

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This recyclable and compostable collection is made from dried grass fibres, allowing you to choose sustainability in a truly memorable way.

With an intense smell, the granular texture and the typical colour of the grass paper give ERBA a special appeal and a strong sustainable identity. Pure FSC cellulose and dried grass fibres are mixed to generate this innovative paper, which comes from nature and goes back to it after being used, thanks to its certified recyclability.

This collection features an extremely natural paper made from a mix of 30% grass fibres and 60% pure FSC certified cellulose.  It does not contain any chemical additives and the raw material comes from extensive farming areas with a low environmental and economic impact.

Grass paper is FSC certified and comes from a natural resource that is always available, not subject to seasonality. The preparation for production requires very low consumption of energy, water and chemistry. Therefore, it has a very low environmental impact, it is recyclable and pending a compostability certification.

This collection includes both notebooks and diaries all with a strong green identity.

You can opt for wire bound, stitched or case bound and we are able to customize them completely. This is the perfect range to give a deep sustainable footprint to your campaigns.

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