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Wireless charging is the future, but it’s also a blast from the past.

The technology first appeared in the 1890s to power electric vehicles and is now making a major resurgence to fuel up all our wireless devices. It’s less wear-and-tear on your phone’s charging port, and much more convenient than having to use a cable each time.

No more searching for charging cables, we have the ultimate universal multi-device charger.  With this multiple Wireless Charger, everyone in the family/office/etc. can simultaneously charge their smartphone, earbuds, and other devices wirelessly. And with the optional Apple Watch add-on, you could even charge an Apple Watch at the same time too! Supports both Apple and Android fast charging and meets the Qi quality standards. The sleek design makes it an ideal item for your (home) office. With its foldable design, your devices can be positioned upright or laying down. The ultimate eco multitasker.

Picking out a wireless charger that works well with all your devices can be a dizzying task since there are seemingly endless options to choose from. They also provide the ideal space for some company branding enabling you to encourage an employee’s desk space to also look less messy. These make keeping your workspace organised easier than ever. Not only are our branded wireless chargers handy and useful, they’re also great to give your desk the professional look! With loads of options with different additions, choose the design that you think will benefit your employees best.

Despite having been in use in consumer devices for almost 10 years, there still remain a number of misconceptions about wireless charging technology—especially the safety of wireless charging—which may discourage consumers from making the switch. Wireless charging is no less safe and poses no danger to humans. The speed and charging being inefficient have been improved and efficiency is now guaranteed.

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