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Recycled Prime Softshell Jacket

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This award-winning recycled softshell jacket got our attention when launched and we can envisage it becoming a must-have workwear item for your staff.

This two-toned softshell jacket with a detachable hood, stands out for the rest, with the contrast zipper in centre and on the front pockets. It features adjustable Velcro straps on the bottom sleeves and an elastic cord on the hood and bottom seam. This style is made from 100% recycled polyester, and both male and female versions are available. An eye-catching product among many available.

A softshell is a versatile jacket that is suitable for many outdoor activities and also ideal for workwear, but what exactly is a softshell jacket?

A softshell jacket is made from a woven material in contrast to the stiffer material of hard shell (or waterproof) jackets. Unlike conventional jackets, a softshell jacket does not have a lining but instead is made by bonding two layers of fabric together.

They are designed to bridge the gap between a fleece, which offers less water resistance and protection from the wind, and a waterproof jacket that is less stretchy.

Why choose a softshell?

Softshell jackets are the ideal mid-layer when conditions are particularly cold and you need something a bit more robust than a fleece. A softshell can also be worn over a base layer or t-shirt as an outer layer due to their showerproof and windproof capabilities.

Here are a few key factors to consider when buying softshell jackets for your staff:

Weather Conditions

Stretch-woven softshell jackets are only showerproof, not fully waterproof. They are the ideal outer layer for fair weather activities but are not suited if you expect heavy rain, where a hard membrane softshell or hardshell jacket would be more appropriate.

However, stretch-woven softshells are a great mid-layer for cold conditions and can be worn under a waterproof jacket for added warmth as a windproof layer.

A membrane softshell, with a built-in waterproof layer, is suitable for less favourable conditions and can be worn in just about any weather.

Activities Suitable For

The type of softshell you choose will depend on the activity you indeed use it for.

Some softshell jackets are fleece lined for added warmth. These are ideal if you are not necessarily looking for a jacket to use during strenuous activities, but want something lightweight to wear on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re looking for a softshell for more active purposes and you don’t need quite as much warmth, then an unlined softshell would be more suitable. Without the fleece lining, you still have the option of layering up underneath if you so wish. For cycling or running a thinner, breathable softshell is ideal.

Style and Fit

Softshell jackets are generally short in length and should be worn quite a tight fitting. The stretchy material means there is still a good range of movement, but the tighter fit helps to retain heat.

As well as their technical properties, the shorter fit and style make them a popular choice as a casual everyday jacket.

Key Features

Hood – Not all softshell jackets come with a hood. If the sole purpose of your softshell will be to act as a mid-layer underneath a waterproof, a softshell jacket without a hood may be better suited as a hood could get in the way. However, if you intend to wear your softshell jacket as an outer layer during light rain showers, a hood is a useful feature.

Internal and external pockets – Most softshell jackets come with plenty of pockets. Pockets are useful for fitting small items such as maps, gloves, money, and any other essentials without the need for a big backpack.

Some active style softshell jackets will have pockets on the back of the jacket. These are particularly handy for cycling where full side pockets can get in the way.

Inner fabrics – Many softshell jackets will be fleece-lined for warmth. In a softshell jacket, the fleece lining cannot be removed.

Stretchy fabric – Softshells are great for active pursuits due to the stretchy fabric which does not restrict movement.

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