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The popularity of the Thermal Bottle

Spotlight > The popularity of the Thermal Bottle

We are now in the era of the must-have water bottle. Hard to imagine that this vacuum flask has become for many a fashion statement and now is a sleek, insulated, color-coated stainless-steel container for storing liquid.

It was in 1892, Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar invented the vacuum flask. Through his work in cryogenics, he identified a need to keep a chemical placed in a flask at a stable temperature. To do this, Dewar placed a glass bottle in another larger glass bottle and evacuated the air between the two bottle walls. This was groundbreaking and has since progressed into an item many of us will have to hand and use daily.

Its popularity and ability to distinguish itself from any other bottle is down to our current lifestyle and the world we live in: with anxiety about the environment and keeping safe, to a surge in attention to self-care and wellness, and the simple desire to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

The popularity of these items has been unfathomable with the amount of choice available to the consumer undeniable. Whether you want an ethical option, plastic-free, made from bamboo or glass, or simply stylish, the options and amount of designs and styles are endless. If nothing else, Millennials can buy the best water bottle they can afford and try their best to stay hydrated.

Thermal bottles became essential during lockdown – with all those socially distanced walks, we wanted vessels in which to put our tea, coffee, wine, or water. But these are items that can serve you well into the future, too. A top-quality one will come in handy on camping trips or long journeys – wherever having a refreshing hot or cold drink is essential. The best ones do so for longer and have other features, such as wide-mouth openings that make them easier to fill, clean, and add ice. They’re durable, less prone to leaking, and lighter than those that came before. The other bonus is that they are reusable and usually pretty durable, which means you only need to buy once and it’ll be useful for years to come. It also means you’ll waste less.

The thermal bottle is one of our most popular items and we receive requests daily for new styles and designs for companies to gift staff or clients with. With many returning back to the office the need to have an individual thermal bottle is higher than ever and the options for branding or personalising said bottles are now better and easier too.

Call it a thermos, travel mug, or insulated water bottle, there’s no substitute for one of these multipurpose containers when you want to keep your drinks hot or cold, and here at Streamline we have a style, or option to suit your needs, budget and timeframe – just ask and we can find the right style for you.

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