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Trend: Limestone cement and Bamboo

Spotlight > Trend: Limestone cement and Bamboo

If you think that limestone or bamboo isn’t part of your life, you would be surprised.  

There are so many, uses for limestone, you’d be amazed by where you’ve probably seen it. If you’re not using limestone, then there is probably a long list of natural materials that you’re using without being aware of any of them. Natural materials come from nature, but they are also materials that have a variety of uses from building elements to clothing to decoration.

Limestone is a strong, durable rock that results from the calcified animal remains in water being pressed for thousands of years. When limestone forms, it can take the form of stalagmites, the jagged rocks on the ceilings of caves, or it can form the smooth, dry pebbles you’ve seen on the beach. Limestone has been used for thousands of years to building homes and public-use buildings. Marble is actually a type of limestone. When limestone is pressed and exposed to extreme heat, marble forms.

Unlike limestone, which is found and mined all of the world, bamboo originated in the world’s tropical climates, and is a fast-growing, renewable resource that serves more purposes than most people realize. Bamboo tends to be grown in forests, and is chopped down, stalks tied together, and shipped all over the world.

Recent trends in merchandise have seen innovative new products and collections being made combining printed bamboo and limestone cement. These are manufactured from a combination of natural cut bamboo pieces and limestone cement, made from a conglomerate formed by the mixture of natural materials – in this case mainly ground limestone and water, which results in a end material with great consistency and durability.

Products available include wireless chargers for mobiles, speakers and desk tidy’s – all can be branded and provide a unique collection of useful merchandise to showcase your brand.

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