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Until recently, women working in construction, and similar industries had to fit their feet into unisex boots or a smaller size mens boot and there was little choice to be had. This made them uncomfortable and ill-fitting, which results in further issues and leaves many women susceptible to problems being caused by their work safety footwear. Better fitting footwear is vital for the safety of women at work.

When you compare men’s feet to women’s you will find that women’s feet are naturally narrower and that women’s heels are much narrower in relation to the width of the ball of the foot. The Achilles tendon is also smaller and higher, women also require additional arch support. Women even walk differently, taking shorter more frequent strides than men, relative to height. 

However, just as safety boots for men are quickly evolving in design and materials, so are women’s heading in a similar direction. An increased female presence in the workforce has seen both workwear retailers and manufacturers invest and now produce, stylish and practical womens options.

One recent launch is this black Onyx safety boot, a lightweight women’s fit safety boot that has been manufactured for the female foot, using womens fitting upper patterns, lasts and outsoles.  It has a 100% non metallic construction and features a slender, ultra strong fibreglass toecap and composite midsole which allows the foot the flex and move freely.  It also includes an Activ-Tex Waterproof membrane that is breathable and tested for 8 hours. The outsole complex is made with a nitrile rubber outsole, which offers unbelievable abrasion resistance whilst providing exceptional shock absorption and weight reduction. This safety boot provides the much needed all day comfort from a lightweight EVA comfort footbed.

Key features –

  • Anti-static
  • Protective toecap & midsole.
  • Water repellent upper and fully waterproof
  • Heat resistant outsole to 300 degrees
  • 100% Non-metallic construction
  • Small sizes available from 2+

These are small but significant details and they make all the difference, not only when it comes to comfort but also to safety. The products are especially designed for women and to fit women well and the difference has had a profound effect on the fit of women’s safety footwear.

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