The enduring appeal of the humble mug


How branded mugs are so much more than just a hot drink

Once you’ve been in the industry for 40+ years (…ahem) you start to notice the trends that come and go, and the ones that really stick around. Mugs, and arguably drinkware on the whole, most definitely fit into the latter category. Most homes and offices have at least one or two, if not more, branded items that are stalwarts of the tea-making routine – and there’s often a weird sense of ownership people tend to develop with their particular favourite.

It’s all testament to the power of the humble mug. But why are they so successful? Well, that’s what we’ve been wondering lately, so we put down a few thoughts on why a ‘mug isn’t just a mug’.


OK, so you don’t need a psychology degree to figure out that drinkware like mugs enjoy such longevity because they offer their user a certain value through the job they do. They slot right into the daily routine and have a function that most of us need more than once a day (and even more on tired/busy ones!). This is especially useful for introducing your brand to a cold audience (no pun intended); they need a coffee and your mug happens to be there. The likelihood being that they’ll sit for the next half hour and, on some level, take in the message/logo/campaign that you’ve printed on your mug. Bonus points if said mug is taken into a meeting full of other people of course!

Increased visibility

There’s another benefit to the fact that drinkware slots so easily into the routine of your audience, and that’s being seen on a regular basis. A company promoting itself on social media might spend thousands on the creative used for the campaign, but there’s no way to make sure that users aren’t scrolling past this brand’s valiant effort and catching sight of it even once. Not with good old mugs! If your mug makes the cut to being a permanent fixture in the cupboard, you can make the most of a deeper connection with your audience simply from ‘being there’ more often.

Creative opportunity

Mugs are a great blank canvas for all different kinds of innovative creative execution. There is of course nothing wrong with simply putting your logo on the side (after all, you probably spent a lot on its design so why not show it off?). However, if you’re looking for something eye catching there are plenty of ways to let your brand values shine in an unforgettable way. Perhaps the shape of the mug could be factored in to your brand or message? An example of this might be these camera lens mugs. There’s always creative ways to use printing (inside and outside) too. Find out more about your drinkware options today.

Mugs, so much more than just a hot drink!