The importance of choosing Sustainability

Why being eco-friendly has never been so important

It’s no longer possible to ignore the damage that pollution and plastics have caused on the world around us. Sustainability has become a part of everyone’s daily life, and it’s never been more important to show that it’s something your and your brand really care about.

The huge scale of the issues that we face, especially surrounding climate change, makes individuals feel quite powerless and reduces their belief that they can really make a meaningful difference. Therefore, consumers are looking to the companies they buy from to make bigger changes.

A report conducted by Unilever found that a third of consumers prefer sustainable brands and are choosing to do business with brands if they believe they are doing some form of social or environmental good. The purchase of ethical products with high awareness and broad appeal, like fair trade and locally produced goods, is also on the rise. As well as showing just how high the public’s expectations of brands are when it comes to making eco-friendly choices, it also shines a light on the amazing opportunity that is out there for brands.

Keith Weed at Unilever says, “This research confirms that sustainability isn’t a nice-to-have for businesses. In fact, it has become an imperative. To succeed globally, and especially in emerging economies across Asia, Africa and Latin America, brands should go beyond traditional focus areas like product performance and affordability. Instead, they must act quickly to prove their social and environmental credentials and show consumers they can be trusted with the future of the planet and communities, as well as their own bottom lines.”

At Streamline it’s true to say that we have seen a huge shift already in the attitudes of our clients when it comes to sustainability, especially when talking about merchandise. To meet this need and demand we have pulled together a hand-selected range of eco-friendly products to meet every brand’s needs.

Make sure your clients are talking about you for the right reasons. Our Choices range is designed to help brands reverse the negative PR that single use plastics and unsustainable products can create, and there’s no need to compromise on innovation or creativity to do it.

Whether it’s branded pencils made from recycled paper, totes bags made from recycled cotton or something a little different such as bamboo sunglasses or a branded bamboo power bank, there are lots of options and ways for you to not only get your brand seen, but also ensure that your clients and colleagues know that you’re making moves to be more sustainable.

With more and more eco-friendly choices available, it’s never been easier to become a part of the solution. Contact us now to find out more about bespoke, eco-friendly, branded items for your business.