What is the must have merchandise for legal firms?

DAC Beachcroft Bamboo mug

A closer look at the latest trends in promotional merchandise for legal firms.

Over the last few years I’ve worked closely with a number of legal firms and really got to know what makes each of their businesses tick. I am slightly constrained by what I’m allowed to share, keeping within the boundary of the many NDA’s that I’ve signed. However, there’s no doubt that the biggest point of interest has been the massive shift in the types of merchandise that these firms are buying. Whether they’re for their clients, internal comms or on a larger scale for industry events and conferences.

There’s been enough brands receiving negative PR and backlash around single use plastics that it’s created a huge awareness across the industry, and that’s right! It’s no longer possible to ignore the need for sustainability, especially in large firms with offices across the globe. With this is mind, Streamline have created a hand-selected range of eco-friendly products. To find out more about our Choices range click here.

My experience has allowed me to pin-point the five must-have merchandise items for legal firms.

1 – Bespoke drinkware
For example, an amazing pantone matched bamboo travel mug was delivered beautifully wrapped with a bespoke printed recyclable card outer packaging. Drinkware is always a great shout- people take them everywhere they go.
It allowed our client brand to show the care and attention that they put into their projects and this product had astounding results. Many audiences commented on its uniqueness and of course the fact it’s made from bamboo gives that extra talking point.

2 – The humble tote bag
Sustainable cotton tote bags are a massive volume product for all legal brands I’ve worked with. In 2019 Fairtrade or recycled cotton bags are becoming increasingly popular, they give that seal of approval that the supply chain was ethical or sustainable and the product is a positive representation of their brand that a client takes wherever they go. Foldable bags, bags with zips and bags with pockets are all included in the range of projects I’ve delivered for legal firms.

Bamboo Fibre Drawstring Bag

3 – Recycled leather business card holders
This option has become increasingly popular merchandise for professional clients who attend a lot of events and conferences.

It’s a great product to give your client that not only has an important purpose, but it keeps your brand in their pocket!

4 – Tech products
Staying relevant in a fast-paced world involves ensuring your merchandise is current. There are even a number of eco-friendly options that fit the bill.
Choosing a sleek product is infinitely useful to your clients in inconvenient moments as their devices lose power!

5. ReSource, ReSupply! Thermal bottles
What better way for a law firm to build enduring trust with a client than with a gift that never stops giving? A great choice is our durable, lightweight, aluminium bottles that can be pantone matched for any legal brand, with full colour printing capabilities. More importantly, it keeps liquids hot for 12 hours and cold for 24!

I was working with one of the largest banks in New York recently and they’re giving one of these to each staff member – think of the positive messaging that conveys!

Find out more about our new eco-friendly Choices range or request a sample here.

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