How to maximise your marketing campaign’s impact with promotional merchandise

Are your marketing channels giving you the best return on investment?

It is important not to underestimate the power of promotional merchandise. Merchandise is a great way of increasing awareness and leaving a good impression of your brand. Did you know a 2018 PPAI study showed that 89% of consumers who were given a promotional merchandise item could recall the brand’s name for 24 months after receiving it?

If your company wants to grow and keep growing, then promotional merchandise is a great channel to utilise to get people interested and keep them interested in your brand. Promotional products let your customers and future customers develop a passion for your brand. Building meaningful relationships with your client base is a number one priority, and it doesn’t always mean a face to face meeting or phone call. If a customer emotionally engages with a promotional item, that connection is immeasurable.

The PPAI study states that 85% of people do business with the brand after receiving a promotional gift from them. There is a level of trust that is built when a client or prospective customer holds something printed with your brand in their hands. When they receive a gift, or item that says ‘we’re thinking of you’ it evokes emotion, so that a person remembers your brand when it matters.

Promotional products are a cost-effective channel to help expand your marketing reach and keep your clients interested. The study found that adding a promotional product into your media mix can also increase the effectiveness of your other media by up to 44%.

Choose a product that your customers will find useful, and you’re already well on your way to increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Usefulness is one the best reasons for someone holding on to your promotional merchandise or passing them on to family and colleagues which also helps increase your reach. 74% of people have at least one promotional item in their office, and 91% have one in their kitchen at home.

When marketing reach is considered in terms of impressions (one impression is one view of an advert), promotional items have a much lower cost per view than traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, and magazines. Traditional advertising is also passive and indirect, however, with promotional merchandise the user is actively interreacting with the item. A great example of this is branded bags. 31% of people have a branded bag in their household, and one bag can generate up to six thousand impressions. Bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product, but don’t have to cost the earth. The cost per impression is low, and the return on investment is therefore high. When cost per impression is low, your return on investment could be high.

At Streamline we know and understand the importance of promotional merchandise. Sometimes a promotional gift might not seem like much but whether it’s a pen, tote bag, umbrella or something more premium like a thermal bottle, these gifts are something that your clients can use, carry with them and enjoy daily.

We don’t just create branded merchandise, we create brand experiences. Let us help you make a lasting impression. Contact us today.