Quick wins for eco-friendly brands

branded drinkware

Global warming and the rising levels of ocean plastics are key concerns for brands in the 21st century. So, it’s more important than ever to champion ethical and sustainable practices within your business.

While it’s essential to focus on the big changes, like becoming a net zero-emissions business, it’s also important to create an environmentally friendly working culture and deliver smaller quick wins.

In this article, we’ll be looking at simple things your brand can do now to become more eco friendly and sustainable in 2019.   

Reusable drinkware

If you’re struggling to cut down on single use paper and plastic coffee cups and plastic water bottles in your business, it’s time to invest in branded reusable drinkware.

The average individual could save around 140 single use plastic water bottles a year by switching to a durable reusable bottle – and coffee drinkers have the potential to save the same number of disposable coffee cups by switching to a reusable lidded cup.

The benefits are far reaching. Waste reduction and sustainable production for the environment. Long term cost savings for the business. Increased health for the team. Extended brand exposure as colleagues use them both inside the office and outside on their travels.

There’s a huge range of options, from sporty bottles like the one pictured here, to elegant stainless steel thermal bottles and lidded bamboo coffee cups.


Most businesses have strategies in place to reduce consumable use which helps improve sustainability. But, rather than just focussing on reducing usage, the positive impact can be doubled by switching to eco friendly products which have been manufactured ethically, using innovative recycled materials.

At every level, from stationery to clothing, from drinkware to cleaning products, from printed brochures to loo paper, there is an abundance of environmetally friendly options to choose from.

Ideally order in larger quanities at a time to reduce packaging and the number of deliveries required too.

Remembering to recycle

Ask yourself, is everyone in my business recycling waste effectively? If the answer’s no, then it’s worth looking into ways to promote a culture of recycling to remove any lingering grey areas.

Clearly labelled bins for each waste type, in practical locations, with regular collections are an essential start. Daily reminders such a well placed notes and calls to action will drive the culture change needed to fill the bins. Why not print reminder messages on the things your team uses day to day?


In updating your brand values, it’s important to take an honest look at whether or not you’re practising what you preach in all business areas.

Let’s say your aim is to become a fully sustainable brand. But your supply chain is employing a logistics company that isn’t doing it’s part for the environment. That will water down the good work you’re doing.

This could mean you need to rethink your brand’s business relationships. And instead look for partnerships more intune with your brand’s values.


When you’re trying to instill a company-wide culture shift, it can be tricky to create initial engagement. Although patience and persistence will go a long way, it’s worth implementing incentives that encourage employees to think greener.

Try using healthy competition to your advantage and creating leadership boards that celebrate positive environmental performance. For instance, departments could compete on who cuts consumable use most or uses the least amount of electricity each month. If you’d like to really crank-up engagement – eco friendly prizes will encourage seriously high-performers.


Thankfully, environmental attitudes have shifted massively in recent years. So, it’s now easier for brands to get both consumers, employees and business partners on-board with policy and culture changes.

But, we still have a long way to go before we reverse the damage we’ve done in the last century. With such a high-level of social responsibility, it’s up to brands to lead the way in ensuring we do.

Aside from the big changes, we’ve also shown there’s plenty of small things you can do to help. So, we’ll finish on a challenge. Implement at least one of these tips in your workplace this month. And be sure to get in touch on social media to let us know how you got on.

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