Brand consistency begins with uniform

When it comes to valuable assets in business, there are some that are more essential than others. Your product, your cost, your marketing and your brand are all top of the list. When it comes to your brand, consistency is key, and first impressions count.  

Often your clients first impression of your brand is in your team’s uniform and that makes your uniform an important marketing channel. Your brand is important to your business and needs to be represented in a consistent manner across all channels of communication.

Your employees are a representation of your brand and how they look matters. Are they comfortable, are they protected, can they do their job effectively? There are lots of reasons to invest in consistent uniform or personalised workwear.

First impressions count

Consistent and appropriate workwear is key to forming trust with your customers. The more trust, the more willing they will be to work with you.


You want your customers to see your team and immediately know that’s who they need to speak to if they need help. If a client walks into your retail shop, you want them to pick your team out of a crowd and know that they can help. Ambiguity loses trust.

Health & Safety

In many work environments your team’s safety comes first and supplying the correct branded workwear to allow them to safely carry out their role is just as important as your brand.  With the right uniform and workwear your team is already equipped for the job ahead.

Standing out from the crowd

Consistent uniforms look professional and it gives those wearing the uniform a sense of being part of a team, but it can also give you an edge over your competitors. You’d be much more inclined to invest your time and money in a company with a sleek and professional uniform, than one without.

Good quality, high impact branding through work clothing and uniforms forms a coherent part of your marketing communications. We can offer bespoke printed or embroidered workwear to make you communicate the right message.

For further advice or to find out more about our in-house branding service, explore our Workwear Collection today.