Monthly round-up: 5 must-have products for gift shops

September’s here, summer’s over and students are flocking back to uni in their droves. After a summer of quiet, that means one thing for uni gift shops: it’s going to be a busy first semester.

To help you make the most of the influx and maximise sales, I spoke to 5 of our retail experts to find out the most in-demand products from our university gift shop clients.

Branded Moleskine Notebooks

Let’s face it, some brands “have it” and some brands don’t. Moleskine is one of those brands that just has it. They’re effortlessly desirable and that’s why they perform so well in university gift shops.

What Glenn says: “Moleskine notebooks offer high-end quality and they’re extremely brandable.”

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Branded Metal Water Bottles

Thermal water bottles like these have seen a surge in popularity this year. And, amidst growing concerns for the environment, it makes sense. They offer both a practical and stylish way for people to reduce their plastic use.

What Melanie says: “Thermal water bottles have been a stand-out performer this year, we’ve had more requests for these than any of our other drinkware products!”

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Custom Jute Bags

There’s no end to the benefits of using these trendy jute bags. Not only are they made from sustainable materials, helping to reduce plastic consumption, but they’re also reusable and durable. A perfect campus companion.

What Emily says: “The younger generation is keen to offset their carbon footprint and sustainable shopping bags like these offer an easy way for them to do it.”

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Branded Eco Stationery

Despite the technology takeover, stationery is still at peak popularity. Students love their pens and pencils. Eco stationery, like these recycled-money pencils, offers a way for students to indulge in their love for stationery with a clear conscience.

What Nelson says: “Eco-friendly and sustainable products are more popular than ever, so it’s a great idea to have as many sustainable product alternatives in your shop as you can.”

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Branded Sweatshirts

Students put a lot of time into selecting the perfect university. So, once they arrive, they want to showcase their choice with pride. That’s why branded sweatshirts and hoodies are so popular, because it helps them do it.

What Duane says: “Branded sweatshirts and hoodies are consistently good sellers – especially in the first few weeks of term and at the end of the year.”

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Wrap up

Of course, this round-up offers just a snapshot of what’s available for your gift shop. If you’d like to explore more options or get some advice on innovative products and new trends, we’d be happy to help.

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