How a branded personalised gift can work for everyone

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Each and every one of your customers or colleagues are unique in their own way, so why would you give them a one size fits all gift? A branded personalised gift works for everyone.

Emotional appeal

Thoughtful, creative gifts put you on the road to creating a fully engaged customer. When you appeal emotionally to your internal and external customers they start to take you more seriously and relate to your brand on a personal level. A custom gift provides value and immediately shows how much you care, making it a great way to build trust.

Your customers will stop considering your products or service as ‘an option’ and start considering it as ‘my only option’. A fully engaged customer, as opposed to one who sees you as an option, will help your company grow.

Internal customers

Studies show that workers who feel valued and part of a team are happier, more productive and more likely to stay with a company for the long term. A personalised gift is a really good way to create a sense of belonging. Whether you’re in the middle of a rebrand or considering a gift for your onboarding journey, there’s no better way to communicate your company’s brand values and culture.

With branded merchandise gifts that are unique to each recipient you create a sense of camaraderie. Studies show that staff retention increases if people have a good onboarding experience and a personalised gift is an easy win for welcoming a new member to the squad.

Stand out from the crowd

Events are always a hard place to stand out from the crowd, so make sure your merchandise and corporate gifts help. If you’re hosting an event, what better way to make a mark with your delegates than with a merchandise product that’s just for them. It’s also a great way to get people talking, with a built in conversation starter. After all, getting people networking is always a challenge!

Wrap up

At Streamline we can personalise all sorts of things, whether its a mug with your client’s tea requirements printed on the side, or a branded thermal water bottle with your colleague’s name on it, there’s thousands of ways to help your brand build a special relationship with your customers and staff. As Christmas and the New Year approach, don’t underestimate the power of a customised gift, it’s a great way to ensure your clients are thinking of you as they head into 2020.

Our creative team are on hand to produce imaginative, bespoke personalised promotional items that link to your company’s product or service in clever and entertaining ways. View our Custom Collection to find out more, or contact us to start your own bespoke collection today.