Bespoke branded merchandise to help reduce your staff turnover

Did you know that nearly 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job?

It’s a scary statistic, but when you consider that work tenure is getting shorter and shorter and the job market is becoming more competitive jobs it’s not too surprising. Talented people know that they’re needed and over the years I’ve discovered there’s lots of ways to ensure your staff retention rates keep rising, and one of them is bespoke branded merchandise.

Hire the right people

Attitude matters, and if the people you’re on boarding aren’t behavioural and cultural fit for your organisation they’re never going to last. If your new employee doesn’t feel comfortable, they won’t fit in, they won’t be on the same wavelength as their co-workers and ultimately, they’ll end up feel pretty isolated.

Offer competitive benefits

It’s a bit of an obvious one, but if you compensate people well, they’ll stay loyal. Do some market research on wages, find out what your competitors are paying and research salaries and benefits based on similar jobs in your local area. A little research can quickly make sure you’re offering a fair price for your employee’s time.

Shout about career progression

Let’s be honest, if your new starts don’t feel like there’s much chance of career progression, they’re not likely to stick around as long as you’d like them to. Make their future career path a part of their on boarding and show you’re serious about it from the start. Most employees are passionate about widening their horizons and improving their skill set, so on-job training and a goal to work towards gives them real direction and purpose.

Invest in bespoke onboarding packs

I’ve seen worked with a number of global brands over the years and have been involved in lots of onboarding pack with genuine ROI. It’s amazing how branded merchandise can make your new hires feel part of the brand and culture almost immediately.

Choose a personalised employee onboarding collection and really stand out from the crowd. Make it personalised by adding their name and make them feel really special. Give them products they’ll use in their personal lives, not just work-related merchandise. Products like branded bluetooth speakers, branded travel kits, bespoke socks or a personalised thermal bottle are all options that your valuable new hires will be able to use outside of their working life

Another important trend I’ve seen is around sustainable and eco-friendly onboarding packs. The fact is Millennials care and you can show that you care too. Give them products made from plant-based materials rather than single-use plastics and it’s a simple way to push your own green credentials. Some great options are branded wireless chargers crafted from bamboo, sticky notes made from seed paper, glass water bottles or a grow your own desk plant kit.

If you’re ready to start thinking about your branded employee onboarding packs, you speak to one of our experts today.