Branded notebooks and pens are still noteworthy

Noteworthy branded notebooks

We live in a 24/7 world where technology is at everyone’s fingertips. With so much time spent on phones, tablets and laptops, typing has become way more commonplace than handwriting. But just as vinyl has made a huge comeback, it’s not over for the humble branded notebook and pen just yet.

For the love of notebooks…

Typing may be quicker, but there is something so satisfying about opening a fresh and stylish notebook and putting pen to paper. We may be living a data driven world, but the allure of the notebook hasn’t gone away. Here are five reasons why we still love the trusty notebook.

It stands the test of time

Technology is amazing but sometimes it lets us down. Computers crash, viruses invade and documents are lost. There is something so enduring about a pile of notebooks containing our lists, notes and scribbles. They’re guaranteed to stand the test of time.

It’s part of our history

There is something so satisfying about writing. It’s also an important part of our culture and how we have been taught in school for centuries. Most school examinations still require pupils to write and long may this continue!

It’s good for the little grey cells

It’s been proven that physically writing something down makes you remember it better than just typing them on a computer and for those in a creative field, writing is often thought to be more beneficial for getting the creative juices flowing.

Make a bold statement

With so many choices now in fashion-led stationery, it’s a style statement in itself to pull out a beautiful notebook. A personalised notebook makes a memorable corporate gift and is something clients and customers will treasure.

It’s safe and secure

For some people the love of the branded notebook is rooted in safety and security. Writing information down and keeping it securely feels so much safer than trusting your hard drive.

Notebooks are as popular as ever and we’re at Streamline we’re certain that they’re here to stay. Get in touch today and start your collection of bespoke branded notebooks.