The importance of hi-vis branded workwear for your brand

Whatever size company you run, the health and safety of your employees is of paramount importance. Branded workwear and branded hi-vis of course plays an important part but as you likely know there’s a lot more to it.

Safety First!

We’ve all experienced health and safety training at work, which can often involve wading through slides and sometimes even taking an assessment. But how much of this do we really remember? Here are some suggestions for ways to keep those important safety messages alive.

Safety Advice Packs

Creating an engaging and informative safety advice pack for each employee will provide a constant reminder of the key points. The design of the pack should be creative and interesting, enthusing the reader to take on-board the information being shared. Perhaps some pop-out facts and figures, different style folds of the pages or maybe even some die-cut covers or packaging will help communicate the safety message.

Leaflets and Posters

Leaflets and posters are a useful way to communicate key messages about health and safety around the office building. But how can they be more interesting than just a flat poster on the wall? Movable parts or areas to write feedback or notes will make the poster literally, stand out.

Notices and Safety Signs

Although formal safety signs are mostly governed by law, there’s no harm in adding extra awareness to office interiors to ensure your team knows where the nearest fire exit or first aid kit is. Be creative to be memorable.

Hi Vis Clothing

For many industries, hi-vis clothing, branded workwear and protective head and footwear is a fundamental requirement, but these items can be customised to suit any brand requirement. While the clothing is first and foremost about keeping your team safe, there’s no reason why it should damage your brand too. It’s easy to ensure both the safety of your staff and brand consistency across all your channels.  

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