Help to make your brand more sustainable

The idea of sustainability wasn’t always part of mainstream discourse. Back in the 1940’s when factories began to produce exciting new plastics that could take the shape of many a consumer good, we weren’t fully aware of the impact this activity would have on our planet. Time went on and businesses (not to mention the livelihoods they supported) grew and grew, each one established on this premise that plastic was this revolutionary wonder-stuff that society and fortunes could be built around. Given that so much of people’s lives and businesses were invested in and around plastics, it’s possibly no wonder that environmental sustainability took a while to properly penetrate society as an idea to be taken seriously.

Today though, it’s safe to say that sustainability is a huge part of our collective consciousness. Just look at a few of the big players who are taking the impact they have on our world more seriously.

‘You’re a product of your environment’

One of the UK’s biggest brands, Tennent’s Lager, have made the important pledge to be single-use plastic free by 2021 which will remove a massive 150 tonnes of plastic out of the environment each year- the same weight as a blue whale, would you believe! They’re not stopping there though, by 2025 they plan to be completely carbon neutral. They’re even installing carbon dioxide recovery systems that’ll capture 4200 tonnes of C02 per year, preventing it ending up in the atmosphere.

Nestlé’s Vision

A few years ago, confectionery giant Nestlé announced their bold mission to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or re-usable by 2025. In a bid to remove their name from landfills, oceans and the natural world altogether, this is a seriously important signal from an influential industry leader. Their approach to this ambitious campaign is threefold; get rid of non-recyclable plastics, encourage the use of plastics that allow better recycling rates and eliminate or change complex combinations of packaging materials.

The ‘Latte Levy’

As we know disposable coffee cups usually have a plastic coating on the inside making them unrecyclable. It’s what stops your morning hot drink dissolving into a soggy mess of caffeine and cardboard. It’s also what makes them very pricey to recycle, with many agreeing that the supply and production of such cups does not bear the full costs of their disposal. Pret, Costa, Starbucks and Greggs all offer money off the price of a drink to customers who bring their own reusable cups.

So, what’s next for your brand?

While there’s the skeptical amongst us who wonder if these measures are genuine effort to improve the environment or just positive PR, there’s no denying that anything is better than nothing! Whatever your take on sustainability there’s no doubt that our attitude towards both these things are changing rather rapidly, and it’s probably about time all businesses started to think about the changes they can make.

Sometimes it might seem like bad habits and harmful products are ingrained in the way we do things but take it from the experts with over 40 years in the game; it’s never too late. Whether you’re looking to rid your office of single-use plastic cups and invest in reusable thermal water bottles for your whole team or you’re hoping to choose a uniform for your brand made from recycled plastic bottles, Streamline’s full of ideas.

Now’s the time to start making moves. Streamline are experts when it comes to branded merchandise, clothing and print. We’re passionate about ensuring that we can give our customers the very best choice when it comes to true sustainability. From sourcing and manufacturing to production and delivery – every step of our supply chain is held to the highest standard of ethics, sustainability and transparency. We’re Sedex accredited too!

If you’re looking to make the first step to a sustainable future for your brand, contact our experts today.