We’re Sedex members – here’s what it means for you

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Back in November last year, I uploaded a post about what it truly means to be an eco-friendly business. One of the key points I raised was that to be considered as ethical traders – as laid out by the Ethical Trading Initiative – brands must take responsibility for improving working conditions in the factories they source their products from. 

Of course, brands also need to go one step further than this. It’s equally as important to ensure that sustainable and responsible business practices are being followed throughout their entire supply chain. After all, it wouldn’t mean much to champion sustainability if you were sourcing products or materials from companies with, unbeknownst to you, poor environmental practices. In fact, in a worst-case scenario, this could actually have a lasting, damaging impact on your brand’s reputation.

It’s for this reason that we’re proud members of Sedex – the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

Who are Sedex?

Sedex are a not-for-profit world-leading ethical trade service provider, with an online database that allows buyers and suppliers to share data about how sustainable, responsible, and ethical their business practices are. 

As a member, we’re able to use this database to evaluate how ethical our suppliers are and whether or not they’ve breached any labour standards provisions before we work with them. If a supplier doesn’t meet our high standards of ethical, responsible, or sustainable trading, then we’ll work with someone else who does.

How you benefit

By partnering with Sedex, we’re not only able to ensure we’re living up to our own ethical values, but we’re also able to ensure the brands we work with don’t breach theirs. You can have confidence that all of your branded merchandise, clothing, and print products have been sourced from only ethical and responsible suppliers – it’s a win-win for every company along the supply chain.

To learn more about Sedex and how they’re improving ethical trade across the globe, be sure to check out their website at – https://www.sedexglobal.com/. Or, if you’d like to discuss ways to improve your brand’s sustainability, follow this link to explore our innovative range of eco-friendly branded merchandise.