Supporting the NHS during a challenging time

With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing about strict lockdown procedures, social distancing and business closures – it’s a tough time for everyone across the world right now.

For those working on the frontlines – like the heroic NHS and healthcare staff risking their own health and wellbeing to protect the majority – it’s an even more challenging and scary time. And for this, we – like many others – feel they deserve praise and admiration.

During this challenging time, we’re proud to be able to support our NHS as a critical supplier of healthcare consumables such as patient I.D. labels, critical care charts and case note folders. By ensuring supplies arrive on time and in perfect condition, we hope we can help make these difficult circumstances a little bit easier for them – as they’ll have all the tools they need – when they need them.

We’re currently working primarily with NHS Scotland, but have UK wide capabilities to help support NHS branches and other healthcare organisations nationwide in ensuring they have all the consumables and PPE they need to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. 

If there are any day-to-day healthcare basics you can’t get hold of, we have a steady supply of a variety of items – including hand sanitiser, face masks, labels and more, so we might be able to help you quickly replenish your supplies. 

Andrew Paterson is our Healthcare Expert, and has years of experience working alongside both the NHS and other healthcare organisations – so he’s fully up-to-speed on the technical requirements you need in order to remain compliant. 

If you’re looking for more information about how we can help keep you stocked up, you can reach out to him directly at – or, alternatively, use the links at the bottom of the page to get in touch with a member of the team.

We’d like to end on another big thank you to the NHS and healthcare staff working diligently to fight the virus and keep us all safe and healthy.