9 cool branded merchandise ideas

USB drives moulded into lorries.

Normality has largely resumed in the aftermath of Covid-19, with in-person meetings, events and global travel back on the agenda. 

Supporting a hybrid way of working that embraces the positives of remote working, these face-to-face interactions will undoubtedly return to offer an invaluable opportunity to position your brand, with high-quality branded merchandise standing by to do some of the heavy lifting. 

So, whether you’re looking to craft an onboarding pack for remote new starters or treat your event attendees to a host of awesome goodies, this list of 9 cool branded merchandise ideas will give you plenty of inspiration to make sure you leave a positive and lasting impression.

Branded wireless earbuds

2 branded wireless earbuds resting on plinths.

Earbuds were the must-have branded merchandise product for 2019 – and they’re still just as popular. As a bonus, users will take these useful items wherever they go, so you’ll benefit from a little extra brand awareness too.

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Moulded power banks

Power banks moulded to look like blue trucks.

Power banks are one of those products we always tell ourselves we need but never get around to buying. It’s for this reason these quirky moulded power banks are such a hit – they’re desirable. As a bonus, the novelty factor makes them certified Instagram-worthy, so you’ll get a few social mentions out of it too.

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Branded Bluetooth speaker

Branded bluetooth speaker with silver/metallic finish.

Like moulded power banks, Bluetooth speakers are a desirable item many of us haven’t gotten around to buying yet. This makes them a perfect choice for onboarding packs and giveaway packs. We recommend having them branded with your company logo. Since most users will take them while travelling or on trips with friends, you’ll get a nice little brand-awareness boost and word-of-mouth appreciation from the recipient.

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Branded snacks

If there’s one thing we all universally love, it’s snacks! This is why branded snacks, like the sweets pictured above, always go down a… treat! If sweets aren’t your thing, there are also plenty of other tasty options to wow your audience with – popcorn and cookies are a firm fan favourite with our clients.

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Branded thermal bottles

Red thermal bottle on plinth with transparent line super imposed over image.

You can never go wrong with a branded thermal bottle. They’re desirable, useful and recipients take them wherever they go. Not only do you leave a great impression on the individual receiving the bottle, but you also benefit from brand exposure when they’re on the move.

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Branded tote bags

Black branded tote bag being held by person with Qantas airways branding on bag.

Like thermal bottles, branded tote bags balance usefulness and ease of transportation. Recipients will thank you for providing them with a stylish bag they can use for their day-to-day shopping and commuting and you can thank them for a little boost in brand awareness as they carry your brand logo while they do it!

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Branded recycled stationery

Recycled plastic pen being held in writing position on top of plinth.

Branded stationery, in general, is always well received. We can never have too many pens and notebooks, right? The benefit of recycled stationery is that it has the added factor of remarkability – it makes a good talking point. The example above, for instance, is a pen made from recycled corn – pretty cool! We can also source other quirky stationery items like notebooks made from recycled apple core and lanyards made from recycled paper. 

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Branded plant pots

With many of us now working from home, these branded plant pots would make a well-appreciated addition to our newly created home offices. We can’t guarantee it, but we suspect these might get your brand a bit of Zoom screentime too – and that’s sure to make you a hot topic during virtual meetings! 

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Branded hoodies

Woman posing in blue hoodie with one hand in hoodie pocket.

This one’s a classic in the branded merchandise arsenal. Everyone loves a good-quality hoodie they can wrap up in when the temperature drops. As with tote bags and thermal bottles, recipients are likely to take a good branded hoodie with them, wherever they go – so you’ll get plenty of brand awareness out of them!

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Why not combine all of these ideas into a corporate gift box to remember? Whether it’s an employee welcome pack, a gift for your team to show them how much they’re valued, or a Business Development pack to wow your prospects, it’s a great way to delight your chosen recipients. To start your brand’s collection of cool branded merchandise contact our team of merchandise experts today.