Christmas gifting guide – get the most from our Direct Merchandise service

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Let’s be honest, Christmas in the workplace is probably going to look a little different this year.

Many of us are still working from home and hardly any offices are looking to open back up any time soon. So sharing gifts will be trickier than usual.

But that doesn’t mean your hardworking employees should miss out. 

It’s been a tough year. The small gesture of a Christmas gift could be the difference between high or low morale.

In this post, we show you how our Direct Merchandise service can be used to ensure all of your employees receive a gift and feel valued this Christmas.

Let’s get to it.

What’s direct merchandise?

Our Direct Merchandise service is an option we offer to clients where we’ll deliver corporate gift packs directly to recipients.

Many businesses usually have gift sets delivered to a main office or warehouse and then distribute them to colleagues themselves. 

This year, however, it could prove challenging and time-intensive. You’d potentially have to label and ship each giftset to everyone on your roster yourself.

With Direct Merchandise we get rid of all that excess work. Instead, you simply provide us with your address list and we’ll deliver giftsets directly from our warehouse to their doors.

What gifts can I choose? 

There’s no limit to the number of or type of gifts you can choose. We’ve handled everything from small one-set gift packs to some with 10,15 and even 20 gifts inside.

As for the variety of gifts, that’s really down to what you want.

We like to think we’re unmatched when it comes to sourcing even the wackiest of merchandise products. Just check out these custom moulded flash drives to get a feel for what we can do.

As a starting point, you should check out the extensive range of products on the merchandise section of our website.

That said, if you have an idea for a gift that you can’t see there, it doesn’t mean we can’t supply it to you. 

For bespoke products, either give us a call or drop us a message using the contact form at the foot of the page to let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen to you.

How much control do I have over customisation?

Full control! 

In fact, you can customise just about every detail of your Christmas corporate gift pack.

With the gifts, we offer on-brand pantone-matching and can print just about any pattern, design or finish on them. For select products, we also offer laser-engraving, etching and embossing.

As for packaging, we’re equally flexible in that department. Whether you want something on-brand, something a little Christmasy, or something unique, we can make it happen.

Be sure to check out the packaging section of the website to explore some of the awesome work we’ve done in the past. 

What next?

Maybe you’re ready to bring your Christmas gift set to life or perhaps you just want to discuss your ideas and get a little inspiration. 

Whatever the case, it all starts with a quick, no-obligation call with one of our gifting experts. Either give us a call or drop us a message using the forms below, we’ll be happy to help.