Spring roundup! Our top 5 company branded workwear items

Image of man wearing company branded workwear

Spring is here, and that means one thing in the UK – unpredictable weather. Even more so than usual! One day frost, another day blazing sunshine and another day torrential downpours. Sometimes all in one day! 

So, if you have outdoor workers to look after, you have to kit them out with everything they need to keep warm, dry and comfy. No easy task! To help you get it right, we’ve rounded up our top 5 company branded workwear items for spring 2021. 

Hi-vis fleeces

Let’s face it; it’s usually necessary to have a fleece to hand any time of year in the UK. But particularly in spring, when rapid temperature changes are likely. 

While we supply a range of fleece styles, these hi-vis versions are best for outdoor workers, such as those in construction or outdoor warehousing roles.

Follow this link to explore hi-vis workwear.  

Branded jackets

Thick fleece-lined jackets or padded coats often provide too much insulation in spring, causing stuffiness and discomfort. A thinner branded jacket is a better option since it offers enough warmth without overheating your workers.

The plain black style pictured above is a popular choice. That said, if you’d like something on-brand, we offer a range of styles with a near-limitless number of customisation options.

Follow this link to explore branded jackets.   

Branded coats

If there’s one type of weather you can guarantee in spring, it’s rain. For this reason, you should consider adding a branded waterproof coat to your workwear collection. Preferably, it’ll have a hood. Your workers will probably need it!

Again, we’ve pictured a plain style above, but we offer plenty of customisation options to keep your workers looking on-brand. The most common request is our unmatched logo printing. However, we can handle virtually any design you might have in mind.

Follow this link to explore branded coats.  

Safety boots

Safety boots are a necessity for many outdoor workers all year round. But, with wetter conditions in spring, a high-quality waterproof pair will help keep workers’ feet protected from rainfall.

If safety boots aren’t already part of your workwear collection, they’re well worth adding. For one, it’ll lead to happier, more productive employees. But, in many cases, you can also claim back the VAT on purchases. Win-win.

Follow this link to explore safety boots.

Branded umbrellas

Okay, this one isn’t strictly a workwear item. That said, it’s still an excellent choice for your workwear or branded merchandise collection. 

First, it’s perfect for any outdoor workers or commuters who aren’t working with their hands all day. Second, workwear items like this tend to get used outside of working hours. So, when employees take it out with them off the clock, you can expect a little boost in brand awareness, providing you opt for a branded version.

Follow this link to explore branded umbrellas.