Introducing our new wellbeing gift packs for staff

Image of a wellbeing gift pack for staff yoga set

After high-demand, we’re excited to announce our all-new wellbeing gift packs for staff service. With this service, we curate, brand, package and deliver a bespoke wellbeing pack to help energise your teams and boost morale. We can even ship your finished boxes to any number of recipients in any location, saving you the hassle of posting them out individually yourself.

The benefits of sending out a wellbeing pack

Under current lockdown restrictions, keeping morale high and employees motivated is challenging. But with a timely wellbeing pack, you can raise spirits, energise your employees and even improve productivity. 

Alongside this, wellbeing packs are also great for your brand image. When staff feel valued, they’ll spread the word, leading to better public perception and an increased likelihood of attracting top talent.

Include these items in your wellbeing gift packs

If you’re thinking about putting together a wellbeing pack for your team, we’ve rounded up the most popular items below for inspiration. 

Keep in mind; you’re not limited to only these items. We’re able to source and brand virtually any product you can conceive. If you’d like to discuss the full range of options, be sure to get in touch with our experts using the contact form at the foot of the page.

Exercise pack

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from lockdown, it’s the myriad health benefits of regular exercise, both mental and physical. But with gyms closed, a lot of people have struggled to maintain a regular exercise schedule.

Adding a home workout kit to your wellbeing pack can help team members rediscover their workout routine, improving their energy levels and general wellbeing.  

To explore branded fitness sets, follow this link.

Yoga pack

Why not help employees find a little zen with a bespoke company branded yoga pack? They’re a perfect gift to support employees in unwinding, destressing and relaxing.

Yoga is also a great alternative to intense physical exercise, so it’s ideal for team members who want to keep fit without breaking into too much of a sweat!  

To explore yoga packs, follow this link

Breakfast or Afternoon Tea Box

Wellbeing packs don’t have to be all about fitness. Sometimes, a little treat to make them smile is all you need!

While we’ve pictured our popular breakfast gift box above, we also offer afternoon tea boxes. Both are excellent choices for any team-building meetings or virtual social events you have planned.

To explore branded breakfast and afternoon tea boxes, follow this link

Branded Treats

Sometimes, all it takes to re-energise your team is a small “just because” gift. Gifts like this show employees they’re valued, which can go a long way toward raising spirits.

We’ve pictured our top-selling branded biscuit tin above, but there are plenty of options available. In this past, we’ve branded mini popcorn bags, smarties, and even chocolates!  

To explore branded treats, follow this link.

Wrap up

While this post gives you a snapshot of what’s possible with our wellbeing gift packs for staff service, it’s best to talk to our team directly to get a complete picture. 

With services like this, we find a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best way forward. Instead, we work with you to establish your unique needs and objectives and then craft a bespoke solution tailored to you.

You can learn more about this exciting new service on our dedicated wellbeing page here. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to talk to an expert directly, use the contact form at the foot of the page to get in touch.