The top 10 innovative merchandise ideas for 2021

Image of innovative merch idea face mask

Looking for innovative merchandise ideas to liven up your promotional campaigns, corporate gift packs or new starter packs? We’ve got you covered. 

In this post, we round up the most innovative branded merchandise products from Q1 2021. Expect trending technology, the latest sustainable merchandise and forward-thinking PPE options. 

Let’s get to it.

Sugarcane reusable bottles

These super stylish, sustainable sugarcane water bottles are suited to brands looking to “keep it green”. They’re BPA-free, easy to clean and help users reduce single-use plastic usage. 

Customisable seeded pencils

Another top pick for eco-friendly brands–a pencil you can plant once it’s finished! Laser engraving of your custom design and individual sleeve wrappers for gifting are available upon request.

Regenerated leather notebooks

Our supplier makes these regenerated leather notebook covers using 100% recycled leather fibres. Expect a soft, velvety touch with an executive-looking finish. An ideal corporate gift.

Biotic pen

Introducing the unique biotic pen made from biodegradable polymers. Bury it in your garden, and it’ll turn to compost! Comes with an elegant, honeycomb-esque casing, perfect for fancier merch packs or gift sets.

Webcam cover

Sleek webcam covers are a big hit at events and trade shows. Adhesive backing easily attaches to most desktop computers, laptops and phones. Precision screen or laser printing of your desired graphic available. 

Tablet holder

This one’s handmade near our head office in Scotland, making it perfect for brands looking to support local. It’s universally compatible with all tablets and has a useful 360-degree rotation feature. 

Unique ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens are excellent for everything from gift packs and swag bags to corporate gifts and new starter packs. It has a unique twist action design, cut-out barrel and woven mesh design.

360 sports bottle

This one’s a top choice for businesses who like their branding big, bold and seen. We can digitally print your logo or design across the bottle’s entire 360-degree span for maximum brand exposure.

Antibacterial print

Minimise the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses on your print products with our scientifically proven, long-lasting, anti-microbial coating. Option available for all of our most popular print merchandise items.  

Panel face mask

Enable enhanced communication in the workplace with our signature transparent panel face masks. They’re disposable, hypoallergenic, anti-fog and feature 3-layer filtration, reducing the risk of infections spreading.

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