6 intriguing branded products, designed to leave a lasting impression

Branded products and merchandise play a valuable role in any successful marketing strategy, delivering tangible returns on investment.  

Whether you are seeking to generate new leads amongst prospective clients with high-quality gifts or show your appreciation to employees through well-designed workwear. Unique and customisable branded products are a fantastic way of raising brand awareness and resonance as clients and employees go about their daily lives.

With such a wide variety of branded products out there, it is no surprise demand is surging as life and business slowly returns to normal. Read on to discover 6 of our favourite branded products, designed to amplify your brand’s message and provide solid foundations for more intimate, long term client relationships.

Sustainable Bamboo Cups

Sustainable Bamboo Cups

It’s official, the UK’s love for coffee knows no bounds. According to the British Coffee Association, we drink a staggering 95 million cups of the stuff every day. 

It’s no wonder our Sustainable Bamboo Cups are proving so popular. Beautiful in its simplicity, this practical branded product gives its holder the freedom to enjoy their daily caffeine kick whilst reducing their carbon footprint and protecting forests worldwide.

Sourced from ecologically friendly bamboo fibres, it has evolved from a once throwaway item into a statement accessory. The perfect gift for clients and employees alike, our cups are the ideal accessory for those on the move, grabbing your brand exposure and demonstrating its commitment to the reuse revolution all over town.

What’s more, with the perfect canvas, our experts are standing by to help create a design that captures the essence of your brand and increases awareness.

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Rubiks Speaker

Rubiks Speaker

As the world’s most famous brain teaser, no puzzle generates conversation quite like the Rubik’s Cube. It remains a complex mystery for many, but for those who conquer its six sides, it’s a moment they will never forget.

Our branded Rubik’s Speaker cuts through the noise to directly place your brand’s targeted message in the customer’s hand.

Offering excellent sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity, its 6 hours of playback time make it the perfect companion for stimulating office productivity or for a relaxing weekend escape to the great outdoors.

The power of this branded product lies in its interactivity, allowing the user to digest your brand message naturally, thanks to the Rubik’s fun and engaging nature. Work with us to maximise its 36 squares, creatively convey your message, and create a lasting connection in the users’ minds between your brand and Rubik.

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VR Headset

VR Headset

Our VR Headset is one of the latest additions to our ever-expanding collection of branded products, and we are excited to introduce you. 

VR is one of the hottest technologies in marketing. With an endless range of possibilities, ideas, and experiences to create, the world’s biggest brands are unleashing the power of VR and taking their brand experiences to the next level.

So, what’s stopping you?

Maybe you want to introduce customers to your latest product or even tell your brand story to potential clients in a collection of captivating visuals. Whatever your requirements, our experts will work hard to build your brand a bespoke VR Headset, which can truly bring your brand to life.

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Wireless Branded Earbuds

Wireless Branded Earbuds

Nobody knows how it happens, but for many, tangled headphones are a menace that continues to ruin their favourite soundtracks.

Help your clients and employees ditch cables for good with our Branded Wireless Earbuds.  Enclosed safely within a compact travel case/charging station, its powerful sound, Bluetooth connectivity and the built-in microphone makes this branded product the complete package for music lovers.

Offering a comfortable fit and the opportunity to add noise cancelling technology, our Wireless Earbuds allow the listener to zone out from the world, listening to the latest charts, podcasts, and audiobooks in style.

With branding options available on both the travel case and earbuds themselves, your brand can quickly become an ever-present and recognisable feature of everyday life. Draw on our shared love of music to build loyal connections with current clients whilst increasing your reach to identify new business partners outside your current target market.

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Branded Fleeces, Coats and Jackets

​​With the long winter months fast approaching, now is the ideal time to examine your current workwear collection and stock it full of items designed to keep employees warm and healthy.

With decades of experience kitting out the biggest brands, our range of Fleeces, Coats, and Jackets are the best in the business. Each offers a fantastic source of natural brand awareness whilst ensuring employees feel valued and proud to represent your brand.

Our trained team of embroidery and print experts operate with incredible attention to detail to ensure your custom logo and design powerfully projects your brand. So, whether you work in retail or construction, our branded workwear will be sure to make your brand instantly recognisable and easily associable with the highest level of service.

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Wooden Presentation Box

Wooden Presentation Box

Differentiating your brand from competitors is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, helping to achieve goals that bring your wider, long-term vision to life. 

Playing an instrumental role in consumers’ early interactions with your brand, bespoke product packaging is key to standing out, developing your brand’s identity, image, and personality in the eyes of customers.  

Our Branded Wooden Presentation Box will help you do just that. A fantastic companion for new product launches, limited-edition releases, and giveaways, or even as part of a gift that shows gratitude to long term clients and employees.

Beautifully crafted and finished with an amazing feel, this branded product is ready and waiting for a custom design that will set your brand apart from the start.

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