5 essential items to have available for returning to the office or campus.

Getting organised for the new school year, when you are young, it’s exciting and a chance to get a new pencil case, pens or notebook or even a school bag. Now it’s perhaps time to start venturing back to the office or starting a new year of Uni and well who says you cannot indulge in some new stationery to mark the occasion.

It’s perhaps where my obsession with stationery began and well now as an adult working in this industry it’s amazing to see how many get excited by some good, practical stationary or new merchandise and clothing to start the new year or term time as it may well be.

With the last 18 months being so different from any other, it’s given many the time to finally get organised and motivated to work in the right way that suits you be it remotely or in the workplace. Now with people beginning to head back to the office space or attend university classes again:

we have identified  5 essential items that we are certain you will need.

Eco-friendly coffee cup 

Water bottle

Face Mask & Sanitiser

Laptop case or backpack

Screen cleaner for your technology

The above items we would suggest become part of the core merchandise you offer staff or students at your business. They are all essential and each provides a unique opportunity for you to showcase your brand in an exciting way. Simple and classic or bolder and more prominent, we work with you to create the right feel and presence for your brand all on a product that works for your needs and business.

Looking for something more unique, set us the challenge and we shall gladly accept. We can source, manufacture, and deliver all of the promotional merchandise you need for your place of work.

We want to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.

Let’s spread the excitement of new stationery or a new hoodie, to all of your students and staff. Let us know how we can assist and we will ensure you are organised and on budget for the new academic year or getting back to the office.