Winter Warmers! Check Out October’s Products of the Month

As the long winter nights begin to draw in, it’s incredible to think we are now only days away from stepping back in time to save on those precious hours of daylight. So, with this thought in mind, what better time to deliver your team and clients something special to keep them cosy over the coming months.

With an extensive range of unique winter warmers available to order now, here at Streamline, we decided to pack this month’s Product of the Month blog full of practical gift ideas, able to deliver a truly memorable thank you this winter. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Scented Candles

When it comes to warming winter merchandise, there is no place better to start than by basking in the glow of our beautiful nature line, Scented Candles.

Whether you’re unwinding in the depths of the world’s deepest bubble bath or relaxing in front of the television on a frosty Saturday evening, our Scented Candles are on hand to create the most intimate of escapes.

Setting the mood with a delicious vanilla aroma that delights the senses, our scented candles are produced from glass, with a die-cut wooden box capturing an original design, custom made for your team and clients to enjoy.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about our Scented Candles, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.  

Knitted Scarfs

From a simple drape to a sophisticated partisan knot. However, we choose to wear them; when it comes to winter warmers, it’s hard to compete with the undeniable love and appeal of a simple scarf.

A must-have companion, primed to shield your team from the harsh winter air of an icy morning commute, our traditional, Knitted Scarfs are crafted from the most delicate fabrics to trap heat and deliver comfort that is second to none.

A great one size fits all accessory, they provide their lucky recipient fashion and functionality; all rolled in one. So, with knitted and embroidery options available, why not spend time with our dedicated team moulding a bespoke, must-have design for your brand that raises awareness and grabs attention during the winter season.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about our Knitted Scarfs, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.  

Branded Beanie Hats

As our team steps out for some fun in the winter sun, it’s often hard to source high quality, reliable headwear to keep them fully protected from the elements. With so many styles to choose from, we decided to cut through the noise and throw our fabulous Beanie Hat into the ring.

The ideal gift for employees and clients alike, they are perfect for both in and out of the office. Versatile by nature, our Beanie Hats compliment both smart and casual workwear, with head-hugging fabrics providing a snug fit without any unwanted irritation.

With a multitude of styles, colours & finishes to choose from, take your time and bring your brand to life with a Beanie Hat that will fully maximise your brand’s reach and visibility, wherever it may go.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about our Beanie Hats, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.  

Performance Insulated Jacket

Ensure your team is fully equipped to handle the elements this winter with our brand-new Performance Insulated Jacket.

With sizes starting at Small and climbing to 3XL, watch on as your team wears this high-quality, professional piece of kit with pride. Offering fantastic manoeuvrability, each jacket comes with a thermo-reflet lining panel for optimal heat retention, a warm touch scrim lined collar, internal storm cuffs, and much more.

A valuable addition to any winter wardrobe, our Performance Insulated Jacket sits alongside the likes of Patagonia, Barbour, Regatta & Berghaus in our winter clothing collection. Available in various styles, choose from one of our bespoke branding packages and add those distinctive, final touches.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about our Performance Insulated Jacket, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.  

Coffee Anyone?  

Rich in antioxidants, did you know coffee is actually one of the healthiest beverages in the world? At the peak of its demand during the winter months, innovative drinkware makes a great seasonal gift, bound to go down a treat.

Luckily, whether you enjoy coffee on the go, or sitting at your desk with a little chocolate treat, our drinkware collection is full of items to reward your employees and clients this winter.

Check out our top 3 below!

Coffee Mug on the Go

Produced from a mix of coffee grounds and sugarcane, our innovative Coffee Mug on the Go combines two previously unusable outputs of the brewing process to create a mug made from 100% recycled waste.

Fully customisable with your brand’s logo front and centre, this fantastic winter accessory will have employees wondering how they ever managed without it.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about any of our drinkware products, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.  

Thermal Takeaway Mug

Rising to become a famous collector’s item, brands such as Costa and Starbucks have demonstrated the power that eye-catching designs can have on the popularity of reusable coffee cups. As a result, creative designs have become a hugely important aspect of an individual’s mug, conveying messages, and adding intangible value to the drinking experience.

Why not gift your clients one of our beautiful thermal takeaway mugs,, and play with our endless list of customisation options? With a full-colour wrap-around design and a mix and match of colours to choose from, take the opportunity to envisage a masterpiece that perfectly captures your brand.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, 350ml capacity, and double wall insulated tumbler will keep its recipient’s contents and hands warm for hours. 

Glass Coffee Cup

However, what about something for those hard-working employees that won’t let a little winter storm get in the way of weekend adventure?

For that, we suggest our Glass Coffee Cup as the perfect warming winter gift. Equipped with a brandable cork, outer band and borosilicate glass, this cup offers excellent durability and strength for an extended lifespan.

Importantly, this product is also BPA free, reducing your employees and client’s exposure to many of the harmful chemicals associated with traditional, disposable coffee cups.

Use the form at the foot of the page to request more info about any of our drinkware products, and keep your team & clients cosy this winter.