Supply Chain Ethics- how you can improve yours

Over the last few years there’s been a clear swing towards making more sustainable and ethical choices not just in business – but in society in general. Social justice, moral-mindedness, ethical consumerism, whatever you want to call it, people are much more tuned in to the rights and wrongs that come along with their purchases these days.

Previously shady practices were not always obvious, but as businesses become more transparent and practices come under more scrutiny companies’ supply chains have never been more in the spotlight. Where right-minded and well-intentioned companies had in the past found themselves contributing to horrors such as child labour, environmental damage, corporate corruption, and even slavery without realising it now, there’s not really an excuse when you can and should be tracing your supply chain right back to the source.

According to Ipsos MORI, around four in five customers claim the ethical standards of the companies they use matter to them. What’s more, 38% say they’d be willing to spend more on a product that has genuine ethical credentials. So not making sure your supply chain is squeaky clean could well affect your bottom line (if not your conscience).

So, what can you do to improve your supply chain ethics?

There are a number of things you can do to make sure there aren’t any flaws in your supply chain. One piece of advice we feel is particularly important is to be aware of the ethical standards of your own company in the first place. This step should come before you begin any audits or investigations and will help you define where you stand and how your business fits into the bigger picture. Transparency is key, for both you and your suppliers. Being honest and open about your supply chain and making sure clients have accurate information is a watertight approach – especially in this day and age of the ever-growing number of consumers who are well versed in their ethics.

At Streamline we work hard to ensure our supply chain is as transparent and ethical as it can be. We’ve made moves to ensure we’re buying from Europe and the UK in order to keep our lead times down, our delivery costs lower and in turn our carbon footprint smaller. We’re Sedex members because we believe every person working in our supply chain should have equality, a safe place to work, and the means to support themselves and their families, free of bribery and corruption, using sustainable methods that keep the environment intact for future generations.

It’s important to us that we can in turn help our clients improve their own supply chain ethics by proxy. If you’re looking for a branded merchandise, clothing or print supplier with a proven track record and an ethical supply chain click the contact form below to speak to one of our product experts. They’ll be happy to help you fulfill your own ethical goals.