Branded Workwear: How to get the most out of your next collection

branded workwear

Branded workwear, it’s one of your most important brand assets. Present at every consumer touchpoint, from your in-person stores to your social media pages, every piece of clothing equates to one individual moving billboard for your business that asks for nothing in return.

At Streamline, we have cultivated decades of experience, providing casual and formal custom workwear to companies across a wide range of industries. However, whatever the sector, our mission remains the same. To design and optimise the impact of your collection, amplifying your brand’s unique values and ambitions for the future.

In this blog, we have decided to hand over some of the secrets to success with branded workwear. So, when the time comes to embrace your latest look, you are ready and raring to go.

Embody Your Brand Personality

branded t-shirt, branded socks and branded hat

When it comes to branded workwear, there are plenty of generic, off the shelf, one size fits all options to be found. But don’t be fooled.

Having spent countless hours brainstorming and curating a brand personality that connects with your audience and stimulates conversation, it’s crucial to consider how this can best translate to your company workwear. Therefore, don’t be afraid if you find yourself searching for something different. Why not try crafting something distinct to you and recognisable from miles away?

Consider the Apple store as the perfect example. Think about how their simple branded tees embody the business and create an atmosphere unique to every other retail store. Whether you work in the B2B or B2C environment, your team’s presentation will set the tone for every interaction and contribute heavily to the consumer’s experience.

At Streamline, our experts will work with you to find a style that suits your brand perfectly, from formal attire to super casual. Click here to check out the styles on offer.

Don’t Forget The Wearer

pictures of workers wearing branded workwear

To get the most out of your company clothing, it must be designed and personalised with your team in mind. Present them with styles they will want to wear, and don’t forget, comfort is king!

From ideas on a page to the finished product, developing workwear is a fun process, and we find that brands have great success when they actively involve team members throughout. Those who do, gain an honest understanding of how the wants and needs of employees differ greatly across the business.

Knowing precisely what’s required, our team can produce a highly personalised end product that meets the changing demands placed on each individual in their position. This translates into workers proud to don your brand, feeling valued, listened to, and cared for.

Get Creative With Design

close up imagery that shows of our delicate design process

A fantastic canvas upon which to tell your story, branded workwear is all about getting creative with design, harnessing the many different tools at your disposal. 

From a simple brand logo to a more detailed design, spend time considering how state of the art printing and embroidery techniques can ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. These small details will leave a lasting impression on customers and potential clients, with a professional appearance crucial to gaining trust.

At Streamline, you will work on every aspect of your workwear and its design, alongside a dedicated account manager. With over 40 years of experience, our embroidery and stitching processes are second to none, imprinting your brand onto the material of your choice with no loose threads or blemishes to be found.

Click here to find out more about our branded workwear service 

Sustainable Workwear

sustainable workwear

As business forges ahead in search of sustainable solutions for everyday problems, incorporating eco-friendly materials into your branded workwear is an easy change to make.

Of great importance to customers and employees alike, there is no reason to wait on the competition to switch to sustainable workwear. Instead, make the first move and discover the benefits that the latest materials and production methods can bring, improving your green image and supporting your environmental targets.

It is an area that we at Streamline are happy to be pushing forward, full steam ahead. As a result, we are adding more eco-friendly clothing options to our range regularly, expanding our branded workwear collection, with more to choose from than ever before.